Thursday, May 31, 2012

what's wrong with white?

Sometimes I wonder if I'd be willing to have a nice all white room in my house like this one. At least with just white walls.
You know, just all soothing and neutral. I dunno, I might be wanting to do that in the future, depending on our home.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I forgot to mention one of the best parts of my memorial weekend!

AMBRE and I had dinner Saturday night at Phlight. I didn't take any pics but I'll write it  up later. 
I was organizing my pictures when I realized I had no proof of our outing. This is the only pic I took.

Someone remind me to take pictures of us out and about when I'm with you.

the. greatest.

It's an ABC poster. ABOUT LOS ANGELES. 
I is for In & Out. J is for Juice Cleanse.
I may have purchased this for myself. May have.

I know it's supposed to be for babies. I don't care!

a perfectly perfect kitchen layout

Who else but Ikea? I've long assumed if I ever gutted a kitchen it would be replaced with Ikea kitchen and the layout on this kitchen was pretty much perfect. Notice how compact it is but this kitchen is working very hard and has ooodles of storage.
I like the layouts with the big island/seating on one side and the appliances on the other. And the island is all drawers and you know how I feel about that.
On this side I would have removed some or all of the cabinets in favor of open shelving.
And they had the stove/dishwasher/sink all near each other which I'm a big fan of.
Straight ahead they had the microwave just high enough out of reach of little hands.
In between the microwave and the fridge, a pull out pantry. Drool.
Cabinets above the fridge area also good.
To the right of the microwave, there was this little roll down thing.
Inside was unsightly appliances. I'd add an outlet so we can keep them in there for use.
This is clever above the microwave.
Island with nothing but storage.
No space left without storage possibility, like this little pull out next to the stove for oils and stove stuff.
I do like these vent things.
Lighting + Dining.
Just a perfect layout for my future kitchen.
Ugh I need a house so I can start doing this stuff.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

i had a freaking awesome weekend

We didn't make any plans for Memorial Day weekend. Four days of waking up early for 14 hour shoot days left me pretty tired so I wanted to do nothing. Thankfully nobody listened to me. 

Saturday morning we went to the bike shop and I bought a bicycle with a basket. 
We went to a graduation lunch for our pal JB and caught up with a few of our also married pals from Biola. 
Sunday, we exchanged the bicycle I'd purchased for one with gears. The sales guy told me to do it: ALWAYS get a bike with gears otherwise you will never make it up even the tiniest of hills. I didn't listen. Went home and the latest issue of Sunset Magazine had an article about what to look for in a bike, number 3) gears. At least three but 7 would be ideal. Thankfully since I'd admitted my stupidity, the sales guy let me exchange it and also since we mentioned that we'd probably be buying another bicycle, this time in black. 
Then Matt and I went on a bike ride around the block. We were beat. Our friend Fatz phoned after our nap and invited us to see "21 Jump Street" at the Dollar Theatre. Hell yes. Hilarious, in case you were wondering.
My brother texted Sunday night to see if we wanted to attend a Memorial Service at Olive Lawn Cemetery for VFWs. Sure! We met up with Matt's family, his grandfather on his dad's side is a WWII vet and his grandfather on his mother's side served in Korea (his uncle technically served in Vietnam but it's a hilarious story you'll have to hear later). 
I asked this boy scout to pose for me. He obliged but was thoroughly weirded out.
Matt's grandparents and aunt and uncle attend every year. 
My brother got to shake the mayor's hand, which was pretty cool. I got to wear a cute outfit.
 After that we had an American lunch at Red Robin with burgers and freedom fries and picked up Angie for a pool dip.
Matt's cousin and his lady were there too and our friend Fatz joined us again to bring us this photograph:
Lyla the birthday girl dropped by to pick up some supplies for her birthday party.
We ended the day with pizzas and the dungeons and dragons episode of Community. I'm so very thankful to the men and women of the armed forces for sacrificing their lives so that we may live free and pursue happiness.

jolly holiday cafe

File this under the category of Miri + Me things. A cafe in Disneyland themed around Mary Poppins. It just opened this year and is right on the edge of Main Street right by the Partners statue, on the other side of the Enchanted Tiki Room. It leans towards healthier fare so that means Matt can find things to eat and one magical Wednesday, with our pal Trevor (who was on a juice cleanse diet) we checked in.
Penguin stained glass. Add that to things that will be in a future child's bedroom. Maybe just a print. Dang I think I just thought of Alice's 4th birthday party theme.
The had the Banks family's tree and I didn't see them but the video told me they planted cherry trees in the patio. Cherry trees. So cute.
I think they should have painted someone laughing on the ceiling.
And they had these mosaic floor displays that looked like Bert's chalkboard drawings.
It was Disneyland food so the display cases told you what you see is what you get.

Behind the counter they had this cool old looking stove that looked as if they were actually using it.

It's also a little bakery and they had quite a selection of yummies.

Matt and Trevor both got some grilled veggie salad. It had some grains in it and was pretty good.
I got a sandwich and some chips (or crisps).
They put the chips on this The Times paper that was pretty cute.
It was Caprese and not bad at all for Disney food.
My desert of choice was the matterhorn macaroon. 
I also ordered the punch but it wasn't amazing or anything but the food was good and it's got plenty of outside seating so I would definitely recommend it if you find yourself in Walt's Kingdom.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

scruffy starbuck fredrich

This is my most hipster look of all time. I would be embarassed but my new bike is so pretty.

Black hoodie. Star Wars T-shirt. Toms. Skinny jeans. Beach Cruiser with basket. Oh the shame.

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.

Friday, May 25, 2012

dis our kitchen

It's not fair it's so big. I know. I'm very blessed. If it'll make you feel any better, I'm sure the next house we own will have a much smaller kitchen. Anyway, I'm grateful for it now and love it very much. As mixed and matched as it is, I love it.
Oatmeal jar. It felt stupid to write oatmeal on it so I wrote hello.
Did I show you guys my new knife? My momma in-law got it for me for X-mas. It's definitely mine.
Enjoy your holiday weekend. I hope to spend a lot of it in this room.