Wednesday, March 6, 2013

it's nice to no longer be theoretically online shopping

Since we've been dreaming of our future house for the past I dunno how many months I've been doing a lot of online browsing of stores. Theoretical online shopping is fun albeit futile. You can pin all you want and add items to your wishlist but until you are actually moved and into the new home, all that browsing is just visual stimulation with no actual purpose.
And all of that online shopping I did before, I never bought anything but now we actually have to find items to solve problems. I mean, they're not real problems, come on people, my problems are nothing compared to the problems of Somalia for example but let's pretend I have legitimate complaints. Oh no, I have a plastic bin next to my bathroom sink and it's ugly. I am down to only three drawers in the bathroom and they're tiny so we have to find storage solutions for the master bathroom. We're still settling into the bathroom and the room itself so I won't buy anything until I'm sure but like my subject said, it's nice to be looking at things online that might actually be purchased to serve a purpose instead of possible cute or pretty things I want to do that are not connected to reality.

Geez I'm wordy lately. Also it was really difficult writing this post while Jon Stewart was interviewing Paul Rudd who was doing the interview as Sandra Day O'Connor. You try writing a throwaway blog post while that's happening to your left. Difficult!

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