Tuesday, March 19, 2013

living room mock up

Ah the living room. The room that does so much. The main entrance to our house and the place where we spend hours upon hours watching Parks & Rec/Community/The League/Bob's Burgers/Battlestar Galactica/Arrested Development, or a movie or two (or 500). It has a very awkward layout and right now this is the way it's set up. 
La grande television.
To the left of the TV is the dining space and unlike the condo where we had our choice of three dining spaces this is the only dining seating we have. It's actually refreshing. As with most of the house having to just pare down everything and only keep the essentials it's a welcome change I must say.
Since it is a room that consists of three "areas": entry, living, and dining, I will make boards for each of the areas. So the entry will get it's own board later.
We need a rug something awful and I know which one I want, just waiting for it to be back in stock.
Something else that just hits me is the fact that all the furniture in here is dark almost black. The sofa, the ottomans, the tv stand, the sofa table, the bench, the dining table, It didn't feel so dark before in a room with blue walls and some white furniture but now it's oppressive.
I do not like the bookshelf and the DVDs. Sure it holds the DVDs so it's 100% utilitarian but it is just so cluttered looking. If it was intermixed with decorative items or art it wouldn't look so boring and since the shelf is also very plain it's just... boring.
I think I've been compiling things in my mind so when it came time to put it all together I basically scrapped everything I had before and started from scratch and I have never worked on a board where I would think of the room needing something and immediately knowing where to pull to grab that item as if I had stored them all in my mind for just such use and a compilation:
A room of midcentury/retail/ikea/trendy/DIY magic. Right down to the carpet. The shelving is a DIY project from the interwebs, the couch is just a teal cover for our couch, the yellow chair, gray chair, and terrarium are Urban Outfitters, the coffee table (try to scratch that stupid cats) is Crate and Barrel, the pendant lamp is DWR, the arc lamp and the side table are West Elm, the tray is from Jonathan Adler for JCP, the TV stand is CB2, and the clock is from Target.

To add reality to the situation, I did include what I'd be watching on the TV, duh, and who would be spending their time on our furniture.

It's obviously their house.


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