Thursday, March 14, 2013

my new kitchen friend

While I wait for the kitchen to be re-done in a year or so I bought a little helper friend:
Matt didn't really see the point in getting him since we're planning on adding an island but since that's in another year at least I figured why wait and and just enjoy the extra workspace in the meantime. Once we do gut the kitchen I plan on moving him to the guest house or moving him to the shed as a potting bench of sorts.
He was pricey for an Ikea item but very sturdy. Keeping the items on it bare minimum.
See how narrow he is. Just the right size.
And he has two drawers which are handy for knife things.
The only thing I gotta say the kitchen is in dire need of storage wise? Pantry space. I think this normally wouldn't have been a problem but I have so many food items! Won't be a problem for kitchen of the future but you know. In case you cared. Which you probably don't.

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