Wednesday, March 20, 2013

shut the front door: bri's living room

DAYUM. Emily Henderson is my hero. She won one of those reality TV shows about decorating and then got her own TV show on HGTV and keeps a wonderful blog full of magic that details her process which is how I find her since I watch neither reality tv nor cable. She recently made over the living room of Bri Emery of designlovefest and the room is just all kinds of incredible.
Of course, it's incredible to people like moi that have boobs but my husband said it had too much going on. What does he know? BOYS. I love the room though I would split the inspiration into two rooms, partly it inspires the living room with the whole midcentury vibe and party it inspires the office with all the sophisticated bright colors together. Also cements my need for a hot pink ottoman and mint chair.
And the bar cart was outstanding. Since I have a tea cart, it makes me smile.
So the key to making a colorful room not look crazy and like a teenager lives there is what? Plants? Wood furniture? I dunno but these girls got it down.

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