Monday, March 11, 2013

so now i know my bathroom situation

I was cleaning up my pinterest boards and started sorting the many images from just bathrooms into guest bath and master bath which forced me to narrow down the vision for both of those rooms since now I know that I have two bathrooms and they have particular layouts. Keep in mind I'm not including ideas for the guest house bathroom because as of now it's being rented. Though our current tenant Eric and I had discussions on what to do with that bathroom because the shower in there is a ridiculous thing of minuscule proportions and I feel very sorry for them. So that bathroom re-do might be done before the other bathrooms since I have a built in handy man that would do the work.

Anyway... I am working on room boards for both bathrooms but I thought I'd just drop some images of pretty bathrooms while we're waiting. The guest bathroom is small but just right for our home. The overall theme of that room will be "Portland Hipster". Think black and white, wood, wire shelves, pedestal sinks, subway tile, apothecary bath items, schoolhouse electric lighting and hardware, the works. And add a few nods to Portland and maybe some "fun" and it might look like this:
This one is particularly perfect because it has just the right amount of kookiness but still beautiful. I would have never thought of a green medicine cabinet but now I can't think of anything else. Also: newspaper wallpaper= exclamation point!
The master bathroom feels sort of all over the place for me style wise. I'm drawn to things that are classic double sink cabinets with drawers, double mirror, sconces on both sides of the mirror, etc., because that classic layout has the most amount of storage for a master bathroom where people actually have to dress themselves daily. I'm interested in having brass hardware in here too because I'll have brass in the bedroom but there's no law that says I have to do that, still though...
I also don't want it to look precious and pretentious but at the same time this is a master bathroom for grown ups and I want it to look like grown ups live there and not Ikea poor teenagers. I still want to inject some sort of fun like these his and hers towels or something.
Still all I have decided for the master is that I want to install shelves in the bathtub area.
I'm pretty much all over the place otherwise in regards to that room.
Good thing I don't have to make any actual decisions for another year at least.

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