Monday, March 18, 2013

so when can i start painting?

Let's talk about how badly EvY wants to paint. I'd love to start with small things like the inside of my office closet, which is going to be pink for so many obvious reasons. Or because Matt will have a kanipshin if I paint any room in the house pink so it has to be somewhere he will rarely ever be in.
Should I paint the ceiling pink? Encapsulate the whole area in pink?
Now let's talk about the green for the office. I think I like the 4th from the top the best. Green walls are tricky because you don't want them to look like boogers. I definitely want it to be a green that isn't too dark and as nice as it is I just don't want a blue green/mint type green.
This is my inspiration green offices so something along those lines:
 I think I only have capacity for small painting jobs so other than the closet I think the next thing to paint would be the back of the built in in the dining room. I'll post those options tomorrow.

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Michelle said...

i like the far right pink and the 4th up from the bottom green.