Thursday, March 21, 2013

stupid things: return address stamp train of thought

While browsing return address stamp options:

But we're definitely not Matthew and Evelyn Fredrich, we're definitely Matt & EvY.

I don't like it when it says Matt & EvY Fredrich.
But what if we have kids then it's just Matt & EvY and those things that live in their house. 
Well I don't want to cater a stamp just 'cause the DMV is dumb.

Okay if we have kids we'll just get a new stamp that says "Fredrich Family".
Maybe we should just get a stamp that says Fredrich to encapsulate everybody on it.
Then again Fredrich could be anyone in your family: your parents, your aunt and uncle.
Maybe just a big F and then Matt & EvY.
I'll just hand write the DMV return address if we have to mail them things.

Also I want a fancy return address stamp just for me since I send a lot of correspondence.
Matt doesn't know I'm planning on doing this, don't tell him.

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