Tuesday, March 5, 2013

the kitchen: week three

And now for an unnecessary amount of photos of my kitchen. 

We've only been here two weeks and while our master is a mess and my office is a disaster it was a priority to have the kitchen up and running since I was pretty sick of eating takeout. This will serve as a mini tour/progress update. This is the view from the hallway, the dining table is piled high with all the contents of the pantry and that's almost good 'cause it will help you realize that as together as I have the kitchen, we're so not done.
Notice anything new? Yup, Matt and I installed the floating shelves that were previously in the office above the sink just as I had imagined. It's almost as if they left that big gap on purpose but I doubt they were that clever.
Stove could really use an extra narrow bit of counter to the left of it. If anything to place a spoon rest. This stove and microwave thing came with the house and they're both working out well.
The spices and oils. Ah, so happy. I'd always wanted the oils right next to the stove but the shelves in the house before were fixed and since these are adjustable bang!
Not a fan of the countertop color in the slightest BUT I am a fan of how sturdy it is and won't show stains. The next counter will be suicide Corian white.
This all looks familiar I'm sure. If it's not broke...
For the past I dunno how many years over the stove I store the paper goods. It's a sort of comfort thing that no matter the layout of my kitchens, the paper goods always go over the stove. It's been that way since Am & my apartment, the Springs, #18, and now the BUR House.
The open shelving freed up the cupboard above the toaster, and I moved the stuff that was formerly here elsewhere and ta-da, a cupboard of hot beverages. Coffee on top, bagged tea in the middle, loose leaf tea on the bottom.
To the right of the paper goods I added the wine glasses. Those shelf extender things are my favorite Ikea pantry organization things. They double the space of your cupboard.
Way in the back is the rarely used special occasion glasses like the purple-y spring glasses and the tea cups and saucers for Mother's Day.
I've held onto this hanging wine glass rack for awhile and glad I finally got to use it.
Ah the wedding china, sentimental.
The pitchers and carafes.
Just a few more pictures of the open shelving. 
I do enjoy the order.
Ah the colors all together.
The open shelving freed up space for yet more like coffee mugs and to-go cups.
Duplicates of the bowls, yes I have dupes just in case.
The sink faucet is cool, it has a handle that pulls out as a hose, very clever stuff.
More things in drawers and in cupboards. Closed.
Can you believe I can fit all the colanders here?
This drawer is so clever. I asked my mother in-law to just open the boxes for smaller appliances and pop them in here and I couldn't have done it better myself.

Still doorless and shelf-less. 

The stand mixer and those beverage dispensers still need a home.
I have to keep a stool nearby at all times since I'm a midget and can't reach top shelves. In the foreground you can see where we put our "message center".
Did you know stainless steel fridges are non-magnetic? Matt said "just put that magnet you had by the front door in the old house here". What a good idea Matt. Now it holds the shopping list, some pens, and clips for postcards and invites.
And now let's get acquainted with this side of the kitchen.
This is my big fridge with LED lights. The ice maker is in the door of the freezer which is great since now we have loads of shelving instead of losing some to ice makers.
Wine racks inside the fridge. Clever.
Matt gets this rack for the sodas.
Cookbooks you've met before.
Behind the cookbooks we put the nieces' dishes.
The big drawers closed.
And now two photos to make you feel bad about how short of a time I've been living here and how well organized the place is and two photos to remind you that I've only been living here three weeks and I'm so not done.
"Hmm, I wonder what I can put above the fridge, it's such a small space." "I'm sure you'll think of something" -Matt.
Here is a giant white hole of entertaining supplies.
The plastic dishes, the drink dispenser, the often used popcorn machine.
See how far back it goes? It's huge.
The serving plates have served me well.
The Christmas gold things.
Tiered servers, I'm keeping one box for the next move the family heirloom box for the teaset. That bottle of wine was waiting for us in our honeymoon hotel. I am torn as to how to drink it since Matt doesn't drink. I mean, I'll just save it for like 30 years 'til I have kids that can legally drink it with me? What are my options here?
And here I'm still planning on doing those picture ledges but instead of the cookbooks since they now have a home, I'll alternate amongst the frames we'd had in the dining room and change them out as I see fit. Now the question is since the frames are all black, should the ledges be black or white? If they're white it would be sort of contrasting. Or should I change the pictures into white frames?
So anyway, that's the kitchen as of three weeks of living in it.
It's a happy place. 

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