Wednesday, April 10, 2013

and you thought i was over the flamingo thing

On Sunday after our walk back from dinner with Matt's parents we swung by the outdoor Ikea tent. Yes, I'm a cruel host that forces her guests to walk to dinner and walk back, don't come to my house if you expect to take it easy. Unlike my family, Matt's parents were very excited to walk to dinner and on the way back they helped me carry home six of these guys:
I mean, come on, I had to. I also picked up a few of the flamingo and a few of the pineapple printed napkins. I was not aware that the palm tree ones existed otherwise they would have come home too.
And I completely would have grabbed these guys too but I missed them. Nothing a little after work trip won't fix right?

I'm not gonna buy this, but you guys totally should. I think Matt might lose his mind if I bring home yet more glasses. He barely forgave the six flamingos. Barely.
 These rainbow stripes are magical. I have no reason for wanting all of them but I do.
There is a dish towel that has a flamingo on it as well. I could get crazy with that towel.
I need this cool citrus squeezer for my outdoor bar.
 Just when I think Ikea has nothing more to offer me, it sucks me back in.

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