Monday, April 1, 2013

easter and the fam

My family doesn't really do Easter. We usually celebrate with Matt's family but this year everyone took a break and we got together with my side of the family to celebrate the fact that mom and Frank are back from Washington. My sister Liz and Lyla drove out Saturday to surprise my mom and under the guise of "oh you haven't seen the house yet, do you want a tour" we hid Liz and Lyla in the guest room and rolled video.
Lyla wanted to play the drums more. We think we need a mini drum kit for our house now.
It's really great having the two girls together because they have someone to play with which makes it easy on all of us, they just entertain each other and we just supervise. For some reason I allowed water color painting in the house later (there was a canvas dropcloth involved don't worry) and the girls were so quiet and adorable and maintained the house paint free.
After we bbq'd on the grill my brother brought, we went to the park with the dogs and the whole family. We even got to skype with Matt's family in New Mexico, it was like we were all together.
Then the family wanted ice cream so I suggested we walk to Downtown Burbank and hit up Yogurtland. A 1 mile walk. This is proof that we walked to Ikea. I was in flats.
While Liz, Mari, and myself LOVED the mile walk there and mile walk back the rest of my family acted like this:
Waaa! Two miles is too much walking. Waaaaaaaa. I think they weren't attired for it and therefore complained but still come on, what else were we gonna do? A walk could do us all some good. 

Also it was the first time we were using the kitchen a lot and the prognosis: I could use a bigger kitchen. More work surface. I'm used to me making food in there for myself but having all of my sisters and mom in the kitchen was a little cramped. We need more seating in the living room too. A small sectional could do that trick well I think. and it felt so much more connected because nobody had a chance to run away to another part of the house or hide on another floor.

But everyone was so happy together in our little house because it was ours, nobody else's but ours. 

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