Wednesday, April 3, 2013

guest bath brain clouds

First of all: remodeling bathroom causes me paralysis. I've never done it before, obviously. I've designed them in my mind and my in-laws made it happen for the half bath in the condo but when it comes to our house, gah! Paralysis. 

I think the guest bath has more of a collected idea instead of a bunch of rando pins floating as evidenced by my pinterest board for the guest bath. There's definite recurring themes. One thing I can't ignore is the fact that I would love to have dual toned walls with the top being almost black and the bottom part being subway tile. Pretty much like this idea.
I realize the bathroom has no windows and the black might be too much but I'm gonna give it a shot and also hopefully install a skylight in there, needs one badly. But back to designing bathrooms, sheesh, I think the key to bathrooms boards is a bunch of little things gathered together to create a sort of overall aesthetic much like my hero Nicole with this for her half bath and thankfully she sourced everything because I have no idea where people buy things like "pedestal sinks" other than Home Depot or Lowe's or Ikea. Anyway, good to know for the decorating process.
I'm gonna start calling these ramblings about certain rooms or the overall process of re-decorating and remodeling our house "brain clouds" like rain clouds where they just come down except they're coming from my brain.

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