Tuesday, April 9, 2013

jill's retirement party

I'm in the process of helping with a bridal shower that we're hosting at our house on Sunday and in lieu of talking about that since we wish to keep things a surprise (sorta), let's just go back in time to my mother in-law's retirement party that I spearheaded back in... June of last year. 

The theme was "School's Out: Jill's retirement and permanent summer vacation". These were the invites I designed for the event, had that neat little school chalkboard look since she was retiring from teaching and summer vacations are what teacher's and students live for.
So come on in to Mrs. Fredrich's class.
I think I've always fantasized about a big outdoor summer party so I ran with this. Decor was pretty simple, I borrowed Miri's bunting and put little touches of her life as a teacher around the house.
Miri put it up by herself in her apartment but I had three grown men help me.
Flavored drinks are the essence of summer so we went all out. I do not do drinks in cans or 2 liter jugs of anything. That't not my style.
Did my usual drink dispenser with flavored water thing. Right now in my fridge I have blood orange and mint water and it almost tastes like a cocktail.
Jill made iced tea with tea bags that I didn't even know how to make.
Apple lime cooler. We tried using apples since it's a teacher thing.
Blueberry Mint Lemonade. Incredible stuff.
Jill made meatballs with apple glaze on them.
I  even think about the smallest details and had purchased summer magnets for her fridge and replaced her current ones with these summery ones.
I even wrote out things on her "checklist".
Since it was an open house I did the usual big buffet style and let everyone nosh on things as they mingled. It looked so pretty with that bunting.
Cucumber, watermelon, and feta salad.
Hot dogs of course. They were outside but the accoutrements were inside.
I got these cute plastic berry bins from Target and filled them for decorative purposes.
Nothing says sun like sunflowers.
Individual servings of guac and a chip: million times cuter than guac in a bowl.
Big tower of skewered items.
I saw these on the internets and want to make them over and over. Caprese on a stick: basil, cherry tomatoes, mozarella, sprinkle some balsamic and olive oil and salt and pepper.
I mass ordered these wooden utensils, I hope to always have them in stock at my parties. The best prices I've found are from webrestaurant, I mean you get 100 forks for $5. Bargain.
Well wish card box thing.
And I just had Jill bring home any school supplies she could spare in her office and we put them around the house. 
We also had artwork her students had made for her and everyone got a kick of reading what the little kids wrote.
You can see the whole jars and school supplies thing in play here.
I brought frames from home and framed things and put them around the house. Somehow, all you gotta do is put a frame around kid's scribbles and bam, insta-art.
Crayons in Mason jars? So cute I could punch things.
Photobooths are always fun so we did that. I don't have any photos of that but they exist where it matters.
Photobooth props.
I also gave Jill some cards for thank your that were themed to the party. She used them.
And for deserts, world's easiest tastys.
Fruit salad in a waffle cone.
More apples. Dang I did go all out with fruit didn't I?
And finally, more photos of school supplies around the house.
And some happy faces. Angie enjoyed pretending to fly a kite.
And what Plank/Fredrich party would be complete without Pepe the family chihuahua.
I usually hate chihuahuas but I actually really like this one.

Okay, that was a long time coming but ta-da. Jill's fabulous retirement party.

Summer. Forever.

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