Friday, April 12, 2013

lyla's day with matt

My mother's oldest sister Lupita passed away on Wednesday. She's the one in blue to the right of my mom. For the past few years she's been pretty out of it losing her husband, her hearing and then her mind. She'd been battling for about 7 years or so and whenever we'd seen her she was pretty out of it but always present to whatever event our family had. That's something special about our family, no matter how she was doing, she was present and not out of sight. Lupita had a pretty rough life but she always had a great attitude. Always a smile. We'll miss seeing her around.
Well mom had to go to the funeral in Mexicali and since Lyla's with my her for the next month and didn't have her birth certificate with her, Uncle Matt took care of her and caught some pretty cute moments of Lyla. Aside from the first picture he sent me of her looking directly at the camera, all the rest were the back or side of her which made for a pretty cool series of photos of Lyla's Day.
I especially love this photo: both feet off the ground as she books for the playground.
This is what I came home to, the two of them watching "Spiderman and Friends."
It should be no surprise that after that long of a day she told us she was tired and wanted to go to bed at around 8pm. Good job Uncle Matt: wear that kid out.

Have a good weekend. It's party prep overload time. Wish us luck.

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