Sunday, April 7, 2013

welcome bench

This is what you see when you enter our home and can I tell you that though it is really bothersome with all the black I mean SHEESH. Nevertheless it is a really functional layout for us. The top of the sofa table holds our change, mail, sunglasses, pens, notebooks, and piggy bank for our change. The coat rack holds the coats and that silly little bench is incredibly versatile. We put our backpacks on there when we get home from work, I take off my shoes there, and we put anything we have to take to the office or that's outgoing and we never forget it. And if I need more seating for dinners or anything, bam. It is a very tiny area but I'd always wanted to create a versatile entry area.
Emily Henderson did a great makeover for a home that had a bench in a room and I thought, ooh, that's cute. Maybe I can paint my bench to another color and give it some personality.
Same Emily Henderson styled the back of this bookcase with some pretty things and both of these things could be translated to our house. I am a huge fan of the bookshelf behind the sofa table idea because it's really bothering me that the living room doesn't have any books in it. 
The living room is itching for some color. It's a mess of black up in there and I am desperate for a new TV stand situation. The one we have is a lovely thing but it's just too high and too dark. Sigh. And I thought I would have that thing for a long long time.

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