Monday, April 8, 2013

we're still outside

First off have you people seen Looper? DAYUM that movie is amazing. I actually worked on a commercial with that director and if I'd have known I'd have been working on the director of such a cool movie back then I would have kissed way more butt. The movie's about time traveler thus my little comment about going back in time to kiss more butt. 

Well we had a weekend off so we took advantage and spent more time outside doing yard work and such. I have never had to deal with a yard before really, especially not two of them. It's pretty dang overwhelming to tell you the truth and we had a gardener give us a hand on Sunday to wack the crap out of the weeds that had taken over. And it was at that moment that I became a white person: hiring a gardener, what would my mother think? It's so not in a state where I want people to come over and see it and hang out in it but whop, too late, we have a bridal shower here next week. I hope everyone can just forgive us our imperfections, it's a work in progress.

I wanted to show you this side of the house since it's not very often featured. Not that there's much to show. 
If you squint you can imagine a narrow deck here with a nice little chaise lounge.
It's just such unused space.
My dad and Matt built this gate door to keep the dogs in the side yard during the day.
Up until yesterday it had been filled with Christmas decorations in plastic bins and the like and now we've whittled it down to the gardening supplies. Slowly but surely we'll be either squeezing them into the shed or getting another smaller shed locker to keep things in this side yard. 
On the other side of the yard is the part that needs so much help. The good thing is that the little tree we originally thought was a peach tree is in fact: a peach tree.
Look at those little fuzzy fruits! Grow peaches grow! We're gonna be eating a lot of peach related things I imagine.
The tree next to the Hannger is also a peach tree.
Maybe I can start giving away peaches to the neighbors in exchange for avocados.
And then there's the shed. The shed my man built with his own two hands (and my dad and eric's).
I spent Saturday moving things into it finally. Golf clubs!
Aforementioned Christmas decorations. Etc. Up until this thing was built all this stuff was sitting outside. It was like hoarders or something: not good.
The shed has a little window and a work bench with a shelf and a pegboard. Things will make more sense later but for now, at least all this stuff is in here now and not in my office or on the side of the house. It has a minor semblance of order at least, grouped together by like type etc.
Mostly I just walk in here and I'm amazed that my husband built it. You know, with help.

Eventually I'd like to put something around the base of it.
I'm thinking some bushes and some dirt and a pebble border to help it blend in like it's part of the backyard instead of forced upon us due to lack of storage. Paint it all cute and such. Inside it would be great to add either some solar powered lighting too and I hope the nieces will use it as a playhouse someday when they're older and come over.
And because Monday's are rough on all of us, here's a little Woz to get you through the day.
Stupid cute dog.

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