Wednesday, May 8, 2013

a great eyeliner and my latest bad habit

This is my favorite eyeliner. It's by Kat Von D and it's called "tattoo liner". My boss got me hooked on it during our NYC shopping trips. It's very very thin and it's a pen so easy to handle.
Which brings me to EvY's latest bad habit: makeup. High quality, expensive makeup. Needless to say I've been spending some time at Sephora and ULTA (which is right across the freeway from me). It's one of those wisdoms that comes with age to not spend money on cheapy crap and invest in quality that lasts longer and is better. I have narrowed it down to the following companies and products.
Tarte Lip Tint.
Tarte Mascara.

Oldie but goodie. Benetint.
Fake Up concealer. I'm not committed but I'm trying it out.

I use their Smashbox tinted moisturizer which used to just be some generic name but now is called BB cream and I dunno who started this whole BB cream thing but it is freaking EVERYWHERE.
None of the companies I just mentioned test on animals so I'm gonna stick with them in order to avoid feeling like I'm overwhelmed by all the makeup choices. Also: I don't buy expensive things in my life except makeup and nail polish so I feel like I'm okay with these little indulgences albeit still slightly guilty.

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Michelle said...

expensive makeup is better. i am currently into a mascara called blink... which requires a primer to make it look good... brilliant marketing. gotta buy 2 things to accomplish 1 purpose.