Monday, May 6, 2013

new purple and pink friends in the office

After very little debating I bought this rug from Urban Outfitters because it's cheap and it's big and it's purple. What do we think?
I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a rug for the office because of: THEPETS. I have a feeling that something bad will happen to the rug and I don't want to feel like I'm out 100s of dollars.
And here's the new cover from Bemz. I was so very happy they started making covers for this sofa bed because the white cover was so not a good idea but I didn't really have any options. It's a lot less pink than I imagined from the sample I had which is actually great since it looks more neutral and not so girly. It's more off white with a hint of purple-y pink.
Maybe the pink will stand out when the walls are painted green.
I've returned two sets of curtain hardware. I think some style of roman blind would be great here since I want something to actually block out the sun when it's a guest room.
Also, I didn't want curtains because I want to have as much wall space as possible due to lack of wall space in the rest of the house, this is my one place to get crazy with art and such. We need another place to crate the dogs, I'm trying to talk Matt into just letting them be outside at night with the kennels there. We just don't have room for these things in our house anymore. Let's ignore the litter box too. Maybe I could put it in the closet eventually and install a little cat door there, that might be good no?
And since we're going around the office... is there too much purple now? Do I need another cover for the chair? Hot pink would be cool... no?
I got new inbox trays for the office from Poppin. Poppin is my drug. I bought my boss the aqua starter set and the amount of compliments that girl gets at work... POPPIN. DRUG.
And because you've been so nice for this tour and thought clouds, here's Gadget in his new tie.
 I don't have the heart to tell him nobody listens to Ska anymore.

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Miri said...

The best part about Urban Outfitters rugs is that YOU CAN WASH THEM. Like, in the washing machine. And you don't need a special setting or anything. However, because they are thin, they usually need one of those no-slip pads underneath.