Friday, June 14, 2013

office wall art as of june

Well I finally took the hammer and dropped it in the office.
I need to fix the font, should be thinner and smaller. SUMMER POPSICLE!
The other side: notice anything gone? YES. Dog kennels. After much speculation as to our ability to have the dogs just sleep in the laundry room without incident AKA Matt doubted it could be done, guess what, it was done. The dogs are not babies anymore, they get it. That was part of the big hurdle to being able to buy that sideboard I want in here since we'd have to get the kennels out of here and ta-da they are gone. Gonna have to wait until I go back to work before we buy it though. I need real curtains, I know. Everyday I know I just can't commit, it's paralyzing.
I did enjoy seeing the 2004 Film Festival poster up so I put it up again. This is my only displayable achievement in the house now and maybe ever.
I hung a mirror behind the door because eventually we'll have guests that will need to see themselves in this room. I wanted it mounted on the door but that wouldn't work so, there it is.
I put this print behind a much larger frame and it made a difference.
I had to have at least one wall with a bunch of pictures. The house is pretty picture less right now.
I could have used different prints or what have you but I really wanted the same ones I had before. It's so nice seeing something familiar again in a room that I spend a lot of time in.

Okay gang it's wedding weekend and I am going to be doing all kinda bridesmaiding. Hope you all find the time for romance this weekend.

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