Monday, June 10, 2013

summer '13 in instagram

Hey Hey! I have been keeping myself quite occupied over the past few days. Most of the pics and updates are happening on my instagram. Here's pictures that didn't make it on there in no particular order.

Went to have a horrifying-ly fantastic day with some friends at Six Flags. My sister Mari came with and she and I did every single coaster our group chose, some even twice. We paid for this thing called a FlashPass which lets you skip a TON of the line and just cut to the front, well worth it. I've never had such a pleasant time at Magic Mountain. My voice is horse from the screaming.
In order to avoid the past mistake of having missed the Burton exhibit, we went to the LACMA to see the Kubrick exhibit. VERY THOROUGH. Admission to the exhibit lets you into the rest of the museum and it is a magical place with a great collection of some serious masters.
We went down to Angel Stadium to watch them play the Doyers with Dan & Jill.
Went hiking in Runyun with the dogs. I hope to repeat this action. Matt hopes we do not.
Bought new running shoes and then took Lebowski for a run. He's a good buddy. The shoes are like running on a pillow, it eliminates thinking about your feet and you can focus on how dang tired the rest of you actually is. Seriously, buy them.
Did I mention I'm trying to lose 15lbs? I am in the 120's now officially, just barely at 129.8. I'm trying to get to 115lbs. Jillian Michael's and me are doing the work and my thighs are not touching themselves as much they used to. I'm tired of cringing whenever photos of myself are on the internets.

Tomorrow we're heading back to the Pearl for a night and gonna see my favorite little cousin graduate from high school. Yeah I have a favorite, so what. Then we're coming back to prepare for a guest (Am) who's gonna be in town for Miri's wedding this weekend. I'm trying to do stuff around the house to entertain you all, 'cause it's summer time and the livin' is easy. 

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