Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the laundry room right now

It was looking pretty in the morning so I snapped a picture.
Unlike the living room where there's a lot of black this room is pretty white washed. Everything is white. I think it definitely wants to be a blue wall. Or... wallpaper?
Eventually I was hoping to install open shelving in here above the washer and dryer and once we get cool front loading washer and dryers we'll make a work surface and maybe some lower cabinetry would be great too.
This part of the laundry room really needs some art or something. Does the window need dressing too? I want to paint the door too. Dark grey maybe? Black? Yellow?
We love this stupid door that separates us from the house. It's now where the dogs sleep at night and it prevents the cats from scratching on our door bugging us. 
Before anything I need a plan in here. Hmm hmm.

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