Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the office closet in order

So as we know the office closet is thin and tall and she's recently had some work done.
The inside has a hook for my work backpack. 
I got a grey expedit and it's helping tremendously with storage. 
Plus it's pretty.
I really need to wrap this present I mean, the wedding is this weekend already.
I had some container store boxes planned for something else but they could not have fit more perfectly in here so whew. Eventually I'll add some pretty Martha Stewart labels just 'cause.
We moved all the work stuff into the shed so now it's only office things in here. And cat crap.
There's actually room on the floor now! It's amazing!
 I still plan on adding more shelving to the top, just need some plywood and paint it.
I was debating if I should paint the ceiling pink too and before I had a chance to think about it, what the hell I did it. I really really want a new light fixture in there, something dangly.
So there she is, all pink and functional.
We'll work on making it pretty later.

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