Monday, July 1, 2013

before we left for the week

The big ole: WINDOW TREATMENTS FOR THE OFFICE was checked off the list.
It wasn't difficult to install them in the slightest, super easy. And they seem to be doing the job and blocking out the sun and keeping it dark in there so that's good. I went with these.
They're very easy to pull up or down, there's a very small handle that helps you raise and lower the blind in the middle and requires no cords which was a big deal for me with the cats being general idiots. 
I actually really like when they're just slightly open and think the windows are pretty and didn't really want to block them plus there's so much going on in this room I didn't want attention diverted to window treatments or curtains.
So whew, glad that epic journey is over and that the room will stay cool most of the day. Especially this week while we're out.

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