Wednesday, July 3, 2013

girl down

Ugh. First morning in Chicago and I went and did something dumb. I was running along the Lake, having a great time heading north and changed course and headed south toward the skyscrapers. I stopped to take a photo and crossed the bike path without really looking behind me and heard HEY! And was promptly plowed by a bicyclist and we both went face forward into the asphalt.

I was banged but the cyclist, in his 50s-60s maybe fell face first and was bleeding pretty badly. We had to call 911 and someone who knew first aid stopped to help. Actually a lot of people stopped to help and I met the nice men of the Chicago Fire Department. I called his family and told his wife what hospital they were taking him to and that he was pretty out of it but okay. Nothing was broken but he got banged up pretty bad, his wife phoned me after and she told me he was ok, nothing broken, going home, but had to get stitches on his face. I feel like an a-hole even though he hit me with the bike. His wife told me he said thanks for staying with him and they didn't sound angry at me at all, which still doesn't make me feel better. Last night all I did was replay the crash over and over in my head. It was hard to sleep.

Luckily I landed on my right knee and stuck my arms out to protect myself and landed mostly on my left arm leaving some major bruises. After I got my medical card from our rental apartment we took a cab to a nearby ER and got checked out to make sure nothing was broken. They admitted me in like 15 minutes and were very nice the staff of St. Joseph's. X-rays were negative and they gave me a prescription for some extra strength pain meds I'll have to text Michelle to ask about. I do not like drugs of any kind but I don't want to be in constant pain on vacation so at least that's helping.

We did manage to save a little of the rest of the day and I'll write about that later. Chicago is so beautiful, I'm already in love.

I hope this experience will remind all of us about bicycle safety and to always always always wear a helmet. I know I am going to be way more careful when I'm on trails with bikes in the future.

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