Tuesday, July 2, 2013

the reason why chicago

Class, what is EvY's favorite movie? That's right class, since August 26, 1995 when I wrote it in my diary, While You Were Sleeping has been my favorite movie. Here's the proof in my 12 year old handwriting:
Eighteen years that movie's been my favorite and I gotta say that even watching it pretty much once a year, it still makes me laugh and I still get teary at different scenes. That's love my friends.
Twelve year old me really wanted to go to Chicago. Thirty year old me is finally going.
This trip has been a long time coming and while it sort of snuck up on me, we are very excited.
And there's probably a lot of things to do and see in Chicago, Matt will be dragged on a While You Were Sleeping sightseeing tour.
I'm gonna try to find a veggie dog somewhere.
Can't wait to walk this at night with my man.
I have the score on my phone and This Will Be a very fun time.

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