Thursday, August 8, 2013

little weekend tweaks

We installed ledges in the wall in the kitchen. I had planned on ledges here since we bought the house and had the image in my head the whole time and I was right about it. Once it was done, and Matt did most of the labor, he said "Now it's your job to fill them up." As if I didn't know... 
I went to Target alone on a Saturday to the one in the BUR. Zero shopping carts, place is a mad house. I did manage to walk away with a butt stinking adorable side table that was a whopping $20 (!!) and that pink and grey little rug for $10. Pink and grey I've realized are totally my jam. Even Russell called me out on it, my phone case, my running shoes. Jam.
After the photos of the living room went up I thought it look really cluttered by the door so I moved the coat rack. I asked Matt if he noticed anything different and he stared and stared at the area and had no idea what I had moved which was good.
I think it's a significant improvement. I kind of want to spray paint it yellow. And then I saw this image and now I think ORANGE. What we think?
Weekends are for tweaking. Yeah I said it.

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