Monday, September 9, 2013

receptacle overwhelmingness

I'm still waiting for my new console to come in that will change the landscape of the office and I started having that concern I do when new furniture is purchased of wanting to re-shuffle everything but I know that I need to just wait until it arrives before I start changing anything. I opened the doors and stared inside the glass front bookcase like when you open the door to your fridge.
There's even boxes that sit there 'cause they're pretty and have nothing in them.
And there's boxes with random assorted things too.
There are so many freaking receptacles in the office. Not just all the boxes in the bookcase but the ones in the closet and in the TV stand. What is all of this crap that's in all of these boxes?
I actually literally have boxes inside of boxes. Why am I hanging onto them? For Christmas wrapping?
I know a lot of it is tools and supplies and I actually do use them but yikes it seems so overwhelming at times.
And inside of this thing there's yet more things I want to continue organizing and in the inbox: ugh.
But who am I kidding, I can't wait to get the new piece of furniture so I can shuffle things around into it and continue molding this office into that master plan of mine.

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