Sunday, September 8, 2013

spontaneous mini la mirada trip

We took mom out to a Brazilian place for her birthday on Saturday night and we were gonna have Angie overnight and Matt thought it would be a lot of back and forth driving so we decided to just overnight in La Mirada. But since we weren't actually prepared for such a thing, we had to hit up the Target in Whittier for the essentials like: pull-ups, contact lenses, swimsuits, and PJs. 
Uncle Matt was training Angie in the art of Tia harassment and as I distractedly wandered the store I would hear a little voice "You're killing me Tia!"
The in-laws are in Alaska and have no idea we're in their house right now, drinking their coffee, sleeping in their beds, and playing with their play kitchen. Obviously, Uncle Matt chose the PJs.
Oh yeah, and using their pool. When I realized that we'd be overnighting somewhere there was a pool all of a sudden our Sunday just got about 10x better.
And they have Dish Network so we're gonna use their cable to watch Breaking Bad tonight too.
The condo sure has changed since we lived here. Walls were knocked down, new floors, it's like a vacation home and it sure feels like it when we're here.
They moved the laundry room here, right across from the downstairs half bath.
Who knew there was room to fit a washer and dryer in this hall?
The stairs look amazing now and under it they installed a little closet. Jill said the goal for it was to make it a playhouse for when the kids were over.

Obviously our little batgirl has made it her bat cave.

And the kitchen: awesome. I got them into the idea of using Ikea cabinets. They recently hosted an engagement party here and the flow was dope.
So whenever our in-laws get back into internet zone they'll be pretty surprised to read this and see that we totally took advantage of mom and dad being out of town and partied in their house.

Love you guys! Thanks for moving to La Mirada.

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