Thursday, September 5, 2013

the hassle-less trip

I was recounting my labor day trip to our on set medic and I have to brag about how hassle-less my Labor Day weekend trip was due thanks to the magic of Burbank.

We live 2.18 miles from Bob Hope Airport. Yes, the nearest airport we have is one named after a great entertainer, this is the town I live in. In the morning, since Matt was on the shoot I was supposed to be on (I had booked this trip before we added another shoot day) I scheduled a car service via Uber. It's a car service app that you click on and it within minutes a car service shows up where you are and automatically charges your credit card. I called for it at 6:45am and it got to my house at 7am. It cost $17 which is a lot for a cab, but nothing for a car service and took approximately 7 minutes, 32 seconds. I arrived at Burbank airport and walked through security, that took another 7 minutes. I left at 7am from my house for an 8am flight, I know, I'm living on the edge with these flight times nowadays but I was pretty sure I'd be okay. And while it was labor day weekend, Burbank airport is teeny tiny and looked like this:
Anyway, landed, Ambre picked me up in her bug (and sign) and we headed to the cabin.
We drove back on Monday and got there exactly an hour before the flight again. It didn't take long to get through Sac's security either and when I landed in Burbank I phoned Matt, who was STILL AT HOME. Yes, that's the luxury we have. Matt was just at home, chilling, by the time I got my luggage and went to the bathroom and walked to the curb I waited for him for about 2 minutes and there he was.

And that's my excited recap of flying in and out of an airport that's 2.18 miles from your home.

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