Sunday, October 6, 2013

special la mirada edition run

We spent the night in La Mirada and Sunday morning around 7am I went for a run along the creek and past two tunnels and found myself here:

My old home. Ambre and my old home. I never visited the campus when we lived in La Mirada and now that we moved, it just felt right to go back.

This hill. We had to walk up it to get to the Caf and it killed us. Before I went up it this time I hit play on the Rocky theme and booked it up the hill and raised my arms triumphantly at the top.

And no trip would be complete without a pop in to Sutherland. Where I made either Brian McKelvey or Jason Lee roll their jeans up and wade into the fountain to gel the lights purple.

But...seeing the bell tower damn near brought me to tears.

It's where I first met Clyde Cook.

Total miles: 5.

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.

Location:N Rock River Dr,Diamond Bar,United States

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