Wednesday, October 9, 2013

those darn floating shelves

I am cuh-razy about floating/open shelving. Cray. For some reason, installing these shelves in particular was a major pain in the ass. We couldn't get it to be level and studs kept getting in the way of the anchor holes but finally after a few hours of what shouldn't have taken that long, there they hang.
Originally I was going to have them float in the middle but instead we put them against the wall and I think that was the right decision. The idea was going to be to put the DVDs in the middle but it just competed too much with the books so I dunno where I'm gonna put them, maybe inside the console when you know, I get a replacement. And I don't know what would go in the middle. I could do it like before and just put some framed family photos on there, we shall see.
Pain in the ass as they were, it's nice to have them back in the office. As you recall, my former office had them too except now they make high gloss white floating shelves and you bet your bippy I got those instead. I bought them back in March and they've been waiting in the closet since.
Now, let us never speak of the floating shelves again.

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