Saturday, December 24, 2016

merry christmas!! (our christmas mailing & social media card)

Last year after Christmas I went to West Elm and found a bunch of discounted F ornaments for .50 and thought to my self, know what I'm gonna send these to the Fredrichs from Matt's dad's side for Christmas next year. The project seemed simple enough in my mind: put them in a little box and mail it. Well a .50 project became about a $50 project. I had to buy matching boxes, then we had to wait for our photographer to be back in town (luckily she does it for free), then after I made the graphics: Matt and I cut out the photos, oh and I had to gather all the addresses and then the mailing costs ended up being $48. So not quite as simple as I had thought. A few cousins got them on time and sent me thank you emails so it was worth it. 

For the top of the box I used this cute B&W Alice pic:
Then the inside I made a little mini card with this on the front:
I wrote a little message on the inside to everyone including welcoming three women to the family whose weddings we all missed and the back of the mini card had this pic of us:
I didn't really send out a physical cards other than the little package, just a few out of town family members and made a little "social media" card to put on FB and Instagram. I had this idea of all of us sitting in bed on our devices and making a crack about "quality time" with the family. Alexa of course made it look really good and it turned out way better than I had imagined. We look so focused and calm like someone really caught us instead of being posed. This was an epic long day and the minutes we sat on the bed were the calmest part of our day. Alexa left and we stayed here a few minutes just chilling. 143 likes on facebook later I'd say it was a hit.
Well I'm wiped out. I ended up working all week and had a pretty busy Wednesday and Thursday in the office. Luckily on Friday, since the office was closed I worked from home and was able to organize the office a smidge. I got big plans for office organization next week when I'm on a real break which feels so impossible to believe that I won't have to work or do anything.

My siblings are coming over today for Christmas and I hired out all the cooking so I just gotta set the table and prepare the fixins for pozole. Tomorrow we're heading down to La Mirada for Matt's family's side and I have to do nothing but dress the child and myself adorably. Who doesn't love an adorable toddler in a fancy Christmas dress and a pregnant woman for Christmas?

A very merry Christmas to all of you guys out there in internet world!

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