Monday, December 5, 2016

she got a haircut (and i'm still pregnant-miserable)

On Saturday we took Alice to a kid friendly salon to get a real haircut. We've been doing the trimmings when her bangs get willy but I had had it with DIY, I wanted a pro. Matt thought she would scream bloody murder and not let them touch her but she got to sit in a little plane and they had cartoons playing so she was still but skeptical. The stylist was SO fast. I think she finished in like 3 minutes, she was not messing around. 
Finally, her hair has definition. So much better.
The salon had a little play area and she could have been there for hours especially because like a moth to flame somehow she found a little rubber Buzz Lightyear. You guys think I'm just ha ha, that's cute about the Buzz Lightyear thing but no, seriously. When we distracted her enough to put him back in the drawer so we could leave as we're walking out she's yelling "BUFF! BUFF!" We've bought him and Woody for Christmas so we'll see if she has any reaction at all.
And now back to me. This pregnancy: sucks. And know what else sucks, the fact that I know it sucks and I haven't been enjoying the fact that this is the last time I'll be pregnant. I've rarely taken photos of the belly, I don't really have that magical response when people ask how I am: UGH + disgusted face is what I do. I know I'm so lucky that I get to be pregnant, I know I am, I know. But if you were throwing up on the regular, fighting to avoid throwing up, being constipated beyond belief to the point of hemorrhoids, making yourself bleed your own blood because you're testing your blood sugar, getting awful leg cramps in the morning, rarely enjoying food, getting UTIs all the time, and did I mention throwing up, then you might not be the happiest person ever either. On Saturday I woke up at 2am and threw up so badly that I thought I was gonna pass out. You know that feeling when your whole body is shaky and you feel like you're gonna die? That was Saturday, at 25 weeks pregnant. So excuuuuse me if I am not all puppies and rainbows about the state of pregnancy right now. And on top of that, I have to provide for my family! 

This baby better be the freaking easiest baby in the history of babies! 

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