Sunday, February 5, 2017

2nd pregnancy registry is the most boring on earth

Thanks to having loaned out our baby items and my sisters having babies we are pretty set with baby gear. Thanks to Mary having had a boy, we are pretty set with baby clothes. There's just a few tiny things we need and since we were too lazy to use re-usable diapers, diapers is the thing we probably will need the most. Honest makes astronaut ones, 'cause of course they do.
Other than that, we got all the supplies gathered around the house, now we just gotta hit the reality button on our life and start distributing baby items around the house. I think we're in a hefty bit of denial about their being a new baby coming and I think once we see things set up it might hit us that our life is about to change very drastically. I know I really want the room to be setup because I just need my mind to prepare for this baby.

It's been a rough pregnancy and I threw up even today (albeit much less than in the past) and bonding with this baby hasn't come easy. It's gotten easier when he started moving and we knew he was a he but I'm still struggling to really bond with him. I think a lot has to do with being focused so much on external forces that it's hard to think about him in particular. I think this will be one of those things where we bond once he's born and I am actually getting excited about what he'll look like and how tiny he'll be compared to Alice.

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