Monday, February 20, 2017

the playroom right now

We love this room. Alice and I are having lunch on the coffee table of the playroom rightnow because she insisted on me being in the room with her but since it was lunchtime, we're picnic-ing by default. It's a very busy/multitasking room but even with all the stuff, ohmygosh, the STUFF, it still has plenty of play space for Alice which you can't tell by this angle. 
This is what the wall with my desk area looks like now. I keep thinking I should add either another magnetic board above it or... I dunno. Just to balance out that wall space?
Onto the bookcase area. Oh, I dunno if I ever introduced you to my four new friends. 
Al kept messing with the DVDs and since it was Christmas and I needed a place to put the advent calendar, I put them up here which was a good move.
Inside the top part of the bookcase. The bottom covered part has boxes and bins of office and gift supplies.
To unify all those candles I put them in a tray. The right has colorful whatnots. Don't eat the jelly beans, they're like 5 years old and for display only.
My desk current configuration. It's been through many many moves because I used to want to keep it all bare and such then realized no, while I'm sitting there, I actually need things to be accessible but how to keep them at bay but not too cluttered? I don't know the secret to "not cluttered". That's not the vibe in this room. More is more.
Yeah if I had another one right above it, I could put more crap on it and have this be less cluttered.
The left has my calendar and inbox and of course after this photo I went through my inbox and cleaned it up, much nicer now.
To the left of the magazine is my harddrive backup, ugly but necessary and then the file folder has our current things to be handled like prenatal paperwork, income tax paperwork, etc. And then I have stationery and notebooks and the box has nail stuff.
 I think that cup with the diamonds was the too cluttered. I moved it.
 I like that when you pan out there's "this person is a mom" signs like doc mcstuffins sticker and napping kid in the monitor.
Couch area! 
Her little kitchen, stuffed to the gils with toys.
Then a big basket of her toys, then her "business" desk with cash register, phone, and piggy bank. I guess we're raising a #girlboss. 
And next to her desk we have baby boy's swing ready to go. If we're watching TV when he's around I'd probably move him across the way so he's not looking at the TV.
This was not around for Alice, it was one of the lucky baby borrows from my sister. We have a second bouncy chair in our bedroom on standby in case he protests sleeping in the pack and play and only wants to sleep in a bouncy chair. Aww, we're gonna have a baby. Crazy.
The shelves still got this going on.
I put some of her cute board books on display so she can feel free to help herself.
Here's the corner with the closet door.
This has become Alice's art and the to-do list corner.
Oh yeah... SUPER pregnant.  Not even maternity shirts are fitting right!
Clipboards are my life. We use them so freaking much!
Funny story: I returned the 2nd to last Harry Potter book and checked out the last one and hilariously, it's due on his due date. Ha! I have filed for disability, just waiting to continue the process and we just bought a double stroller! Next week hopefully a mani/pedi/haircut.
So that's the room as we wait for our 2nd baby!
I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time in here once he comes. It's a happy room for a happy girl and hopefully a happy boy too. 

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