Friday, January 30, 2009

no i don't have a problem

I laugh at Carrie's shoe obsession. I think its hilarious that women are so crazy about shoes. I am not crazy about shoes. I like clothes, home decorating things, but shoes, that's just ridiculous. They're just the things you put on your feet and not something you really enjoy.

I am in denial.

This week I bought FIVE pairs of shoes. Three boots, two flats, four out of five on sale at Target. It sounds insane right, in this economy, with winter supposed to be ending soon... but not a single one was over 20, though one came close at 19.99 and when I did the math, the total was $87.32 including tax. That's not even 1/4 of what Carrie pays for shoes and its certainly almost what some women pay for one pair. Sure they're not the most sturdy and lifelong guarantee types but I'm gonna wear them 'til they break.

Here they are: my week in shoes...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

sometimes the cat wins

The dining area is the first thing you see when you enter our home. Since we have only one bedroom and have removed any sort of office related stuff from it in order to have the bedroom be purely the place where we sleep, read, get undressed and dressed, the dining area serves as both entryway, office and dining area. I solved the problem of the unsightly microwave and file cabinet by getting this tower thing meant for a printer and file cabinets which worked perfectly to hide the microwave and hold important paperwork in a neat little file holder sort of way. BUT there was still the issue of the unsightly recycling sorting station.

First I switched out the sorter to a white color so it would blend into the wall and then last week I'd installed a shelf made from a TV tray. I'd removed the legs, added some shelf brackets and drilled it into the wall. Then I used a tablecloth and covered the shelves which hid the bottom where I put the recycling station. It wasn't perfect but it looked better than it used to and I was planning on getting an all white cloth to blend in.

LJ already jumped on it and it held so I didn't think much of it when Gadget leaped from the table to the shelf and CRASH. The shelf and all its contents came crashing down and sent both scaredy cats running for dear life and me standing next to a pile of unbroken pieces and four large holes in the wall. Well I guess that's not gonna work... so I undrilled the shelves, and the dining room went back to the way it looked which actually is better so I guess Gadget knew what he was doing when he took a stand and broke the shelf.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


One of those quirks from work is that we get free stuff leftover from shoots. Well we got this stool for free which we didn't think much of but now has served as my happy little spot where I eat some oatmeal, drink some tea, and read blogs and write blogs and waste time on the interweb.
From here I can keep an eye on the oven and watch Matt play Assasin's Creed and have LJ climb on me and attempt to lay on my lap. Its a happy little spot.

Monday, January 19, 2009

drill baby drill

Today we went to Home Depot and got me a power screwdriver and hex drill bit. Its a small gun like me...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

i do that

We don't own, we rent. But people act as if you can't have a neat and tidy closet unless you custom build it with fancy shelves and stuff. Untrue. I saw someone post images of their organized closet and it was really nice but it was a custom closet with shelves and all that, something that did not come standard with their home. I saw that and the praise and I thought, I'm organized. Okay my shelves aren't as fancy, but my closet is as neat. Observe: HERE.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

its where the heart is

Spare you. I'm sparing you. Lets get going with some images...

Target had some Home Design event where they had some lovely stuff on sale and I grabbed me a new rug for the kitchen. It was about $13 and it looks pretty nice on the unmopped floor.