Friday, February 27, 2009

let there be light/pillow talk

I'd posted a close up of the lamps before as a close up and here they are now in a wider shot with our new fancy dwell pillow.

And speaking of pillows or as Matt said: pillow talk. Let's talk about the new reformed EvY... Usually I buy stuff and don't think twice about it. Sometimes, lately, I have second thoughts, the old EvY, lets call her Smevy, she would have just kept something she wasn't crazy about but this new one was like, no, if I'm stuck with it, I better love it. Well I thought for sure I LOVED this pillow:

And umm... no, it just didn't work. I liked the pillow a LOT but it just didn't work. So I took it and another pillow I'd also purchased back and exchanged them for the pillows I got below and I am happy with them, especially since both are double sided and I can turn them over for different looks if I get bored.

Friday, February 20, 2009

happy birthday to me...

I really really wanted one thing for my birthday. Matt asked what I wanted and I told him, I want some lamps for the bedroom. The mirrored ones I posted about earlier... well we got them and they were freaking on sale! $41 each, why are lamps so expensive? Geez.

But they weren't the one thing.

Then we went to Marshalls and I picked a new frame for my bedside table.

But that wasn't the one thing.

So on the actual day of my birthday, my husband, the bookseller, got home and said, I bought a book today. I assumed he meant for him but out of his Barnes & Noble bag came the one thing I wanted:

Its beautiful and just what I always wanted. And I mean Matt. The book is just a bonus.

Friday, February 13, 2009

for love

For Love 21 is laid out like a fantasy closet with shiny mirrors and chandeliers and pretty things inside. Someday I will have a closet where the outside of it has an art frame and the insides hang like works of art displaying all my pretty things. I mean even the door is beautiful.


I am thinking about getting some new lamps for our bedroom. The ones we have now were Ikea lamps purchased for about $5 each and I think maybe the room would look a little higher class if we had some neat little mirrored lamps.
 Then again... maybe the living room would look a little nicer with some neat shiny, curvy lamps too.