Thursday, November 29, 2012

I heart target (lists)

Obviously I spend a lot of money at Target. And what's just as fun as browsing Target in person? That's right browsing online or more importantly, the iPad app for Target:

Target has this thing called TargetLists which allows you to make little shopping lists like Pinterest but Target only stuff.

It helps me add adorable things to the list I am considering buying but controls the impulse and let's me just see them all together.

- iPad Post

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ho ho ho

The halls took about 4 days to get decked since I was delayed by golf and family and breaking bad.

Holiday time feels busy in my mind but I want to make it feel less so this year and just enjoy each other more.

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

cooking supplies I need

I'm almost done cooking oddly enough, that wasn't too bad. Geez I was a winy child last night, I think I was tired. Now as I work I am realizing I badly need the following things, which is my notes to self:
1) a good set of cookie sheets/baking pans. Not for cookies though.
2) more white corningware type dishes but more modern that have lids for both cooking and storage. I did not imagine how much food storage and transport I would be doing.
3) mandoline slicer
4) more measuring cups: good ones and stainless steel. 2 sets
5) more measuring spoons. stainless steel. 1 more set should do it.
6) more digital timers. 2 more.
7) more large bamboo cutting boards. 4 at least.
8) a better can opener
9) new hand mixer
10) cuisinart popcorn machine

- iPad Post

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

it's the most host-y time of the year

I saw a photo of Pottery Barn doing it so I copied. Sticking your extra flatware into a jar when it's not being used. Part utility, part display.
I was in a rush and didn't quite capture the cuteness very well. It solves a storage problem quite well.
Why do I volunteer myself to make food every year this day? Next year I'm bringing frozen pizzas to my family's dinners.

Happy Turkey Day. Can't wait for it to be Friday so I can deck these halls.

don't worry, i bought myself my wish list

In a celebration of yay we just finished another shoot, I went to Target and bought myself things that I would never expect people to buy me. After this, Matt said not to buy myself anything anymore so I will obey but I enjoyed going around and buying myself shiny things and then seeing them all together. I am a woman of simple tastes.
These are items that you think I wouldn't get so much of a kick out of since they're generic Target Christmas gifts but I have very specific likes so it's a no brainer really.
PJs with gold dots, obviously. And a striped night shirt with gold lettering that says "Dream" which is kinda cheesy but I liked the gold.
PJ shorts with gold stars and black dots.
Fuzzy socks.
Bright gold slippers that come with a little travel bag.
I returned that shirt, peplum shirts are for skinny people, not me.
Polka dot notebooks.
And finally, a proper jewelry travel case. I also eventually need a good travel case for my products 'cause I don't quite like the system I have right now. Too many little bags, I think I just want one that hangs but haven't found the right one yet.
Anyway, point being: I'm a 15 year old poor girl trapped in a 30 year old upper middle class bank account. Who thinks Target shopping sprees are luxurious.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

do or do not: tv in the bedroom

The kids at YHL had a post today about the fact that they now had a TV in the bedroom. Which made me wonder what you guys do about this most delicate of topics.
Matt & I are strictly anti-TV in the bedroom. It makes sleeping in hotels that much more special when we get to watch cable TV in bed. Also we do have a TV in the guest room so we're not opposed to multiple sets, though he didn't originally even want a second TV I think it's been good for times when I want to watch Downton Abbey and he wants to play video games.

Do you guys have TVs in the bedroom?


Stripes. Fruit stripe gum. Did you hear Twinkies are sold out everywhere? I keep forgetting to buy some when I end up at food places. Anyway... I bought us an early Christmas present of a striped duvet cover at Target.

West Elm sells the original version for $60. I'm sure it's way better quality. But the Target one is 1/2 the price!

They also have it in Navy, which I didn't realize Target did as well which was the color I really wanted. Doh!
Either way it is beloved by us even if I did change the covers on Matt while he was still in bed.

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.

Monday, November 19, 2012

oh about that whole thing that i'm never home

Next week on Monday we're finding out if we got a job that's going to New York. Again. Just as I was wondering what New York looks like around Christmas. I guess I'll find out.

There is a possibility Matt will be coming with me. We're debating.

i restrained myself: christmas office

Okay so I was going to put up all my Christmas decorations this weekend but I had mercy on Matt and kept it within the walls of the office: aka my room. We can kid ourselves all we want people, it's my kingdom in that little room. My room. 
So here's the tree which definitely looked way better with wrapped presents underneath it. Good thing I did that in October... Also the tree in the middle with the green bow, it was originally wrapped in the same paper as the one underneath it and I didn't like that so I unwrapped it and wrapped it in a different paper and added a big green bow. Madness.
Here's a close up, I went with the Target tree inspiration where the tree had the colors grouped together.   I totally freaking love how it looks despite my original hesitations that it would look lazy. It does indeed look colorful. It could use a few more ornaments but I don't want to buy any more.
Here's the little Target garland. Worth the $10 and the fact that I didn't have to glue gun anything.
This is the sight when I walk into the office. So precious.
The ornament wreath from last year.
Right where it was last year.
 I made a little sign for above the sofa wall and bought a sea star ornament from Pier 1. 
And this is when I lost it. Yeah I added wrapping paper to my cabinet. And what? 
Next weekend though. Things are gonna get cray around here with Christmas. JUST CRAY!

Friday, November 16, 2012

target: colorful inspiration

Isn't it the best sight in the world? The aisle of magic.
This tree gave me a great idea for my office tree.  See the way the colors are separated but together?
They have this cute gift collection they're calling "Casafetti". I tried to find more info about it online but I can't find any additional information. I want everything but the red stuff for no good reason. Does this surprise anyone?
Aww lookit the cute succulents with the gold tealight holder.

I need an extra week of Christmas this year so I'm gonna cheat and decorate this weekend instead of waiting 'til after Thanksgiving. Judge me silently.

Have a good weekend and get some Christmas shopping done.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

target: sparkly stuff i want

Glam squad Christmas decorations. A bunch of cutesy things that I am enjoying.
 Aww the fox and the squirrel. I totally want the fox. Maybe if it goes on sale in a month.
Unlike other Target collections, here's a link you can see it all together!

target christmas: things you could make but won't

Here's a few cool things Target will sell you for about the cost of the material it would take you to make it but that you won't make 'cause those things take time. Felt flower cup.
This wreath is pretty dang cute which reminds me of a wreath that West Elm has that is much more expensive. I actually looked up how much bulk felt balls go for and it doesn't seem very cost effective unless you find them in smaller quantities, so $25 for this might be worth it. 
A star wrapped in sweater. I have the star, just need a sweater.
I bought this 'cause $10 seemed cheap enough instead of buying loads of felt.
I guess if I found a cone shaped item I could just glue gun ornaments onto it right?
I am going to try more DIY crafts for Christmas this year using the stuff I have already. I'm excited about it and pinning like crazy. Hope I get brilliant.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Now I know why this year went by fast and why I felt like I was never home.

'Cause I wasn't!

In July: Portland & Colorado

In August: New York

In September: San Francisco

In November: Mexicali

Sheesh 2012, you're making it hard for 2013 to be able to compete!


Since I've been back from New York I've been wearing a lot of black. And recently, due to not wanting to spend money, I've been wearing a sort of uniform:
Some combination of shirts and pants, these shoes from Aldo:
And this pleather H&M jacket:
I suppose that sometimes a gal just needs to revert to comfort.

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

do you guys ever just set a table 'cause you're bored?

I never host Thanksgiving at my house and probably never will because we won't have a giant bird cooked in our kitchen. But if I was going to, then I would probably set a table to look something like this one that I set one day 'cause I felt like it.
I didn't set the table right. I guess there's a proper informal way and this isn't it. The glasses are to be reversed.
If I was actually gonna have a dinner party, those little trophy vases would be full of cool white, green, and black flowers.
This year the holiday season came upon me really fast. Unlike other years, I just haven't felt prepared at all to start feeling festive, this year just flew and suddenly it's time to start planning Christmas parties and set up a Christmas tree in your office. 

I miss just being home. I feel like I'm constantly gone.

Monday, November 12, 2012

my beautiful family

The girls climbing on Tio Matt.
 And Tia EvY.
Lyla and I have cool kicks.
Bye Liz.
Good luck. We love you.