Friday, October 29, 2010

under cover

It's freaking black overload in my living room right now. The couch cover is technically dark grey but with the carpet it's way too much dark color. Need something brighter/lighter. Luckily Ikea has the capacity for a person to just buy cover for the couch, brilliant right.

Except the three colors I like are all dry clean only. BOO. It's not like the one I have now I wash regularly but it's nice to have the option of just tossing it in the wash if say, a dog, cat, or niece throws up on it. They're cute, spit up is not. They no longer sell a green one I wanted but here's the two predictable options and the one fun option that I like best.

Predictable Option 1) Korndal Medium Gray
Predictable Option 2) Isunda Gray
Favorite Option 3) Korndal Medium Blue
Since we have the add on chaise I have to buy a cover for it too so it's gonna set me back a few. 

Which do you guys like? 

Should I even bother buying something that's not machine washable?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

things i'm thinking about....

What should I have Ina sign in my cookbooks? 

EvY- Kosher salt! -Ina Garten

EvY- Only freshly ground pepper. -Ina Garten

EvY- You're my best friend. -Ina Garten

EvY- Can't wait to come and cook for all your friends. -Ina Garten

What would you have her sign?

let's have a talk

What's important for you to have in your bedroom? Other than a bed. Think big, think small. 

Let's talk.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

shattered dream

I want an upholstered bed. My stupid cat LJ will probably decide it would be good to scratch. I hadn't even thought of it until Matt brought it up but he's right. I have to rethink the upholstered headboard thing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

there's an idea

I've been thinking about how the drum room could use a legit bed in there since I gave my sister Liz the one that was in there. I thought about buying one of those beds that folds away just to have in there and then this image made me think, if I got two, I could put them in the corner like that and have a faux sectional a la cheap that could sleep up to two.
Then again I think I might just stick with an air mattress and call it a day. Hi welcome to our house, here, blow up your own bed. Night.

hardy har har

I'm working on updating our master bedroom because if I want to get serious about the room Matt and I spend so many hours in, I can't do what I've been doing before, I need to think ahead and plan what the major elements are going to be and how they will look together. Which as hilariousness would have it the kids at the blog I frequent made a little mood board for their future master bedroom which together makes me think of stuff I've been posting about around this blog.
A four post bed which I want for the guest room, the color on the walls which I want something similar for the living room in the future, and the color orange which I want to add to our guest bath. I like when other stylish people agree with ideas I've been having. What does that mean?

new carpet

Here it is. I took the pic this morning when it was dark and before work. No more stains! The dark is helpful for doggy and kitty paws. Plus it's all soft and stuff.
Matt managed to move the couch, the sideboard, and the TV back into the room by himself. He made it an entire day without video games and internet. By the time I got home I was so tired I couldn't muster strength to move anything else back in so most of our living room is still in our kitchen. Hopefully I'll be home in the daylight sometime this week so I can show you what the whole thing looks like but it's a pretty dramatic change. Yay!

well thanks a lot coco kelly

Now I want those square shaped wine glasses and champagne flutes.
Not that I didn't want them before...

Monday, October 25, 2010

this is what the entire contents of our living room look like in our kitchen

Since we're gonna be in our house about another two years, the in-laws saw it fit to gift me with new carpet. Yes, again, they're awesome. Sunday I spent the day moving the little things I could then at night when Matt was home, after watching two Brad Pitt movies that take place in New Orleans (weird right?) we moved the stuff that takes two people. Like say... a couch....
And a 54" beast of a television.
And a GIANT sideboard that the best we could do was to merely move it up a step in the front hall just to get it physically out of the living room. It has to weigh 200 pounds. Yup, just checked the Ikea website, without anything in it, it weighs 161 lbs.
Here's the room void of things in it. Dang, it's big.
And there's the reasons why we're getting new carpet.
Or is it these guys why we need new carpet.
Either way, get ready for a dramatic after. Possibly tomorrow.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

the guest bath redo: here's a bunch of pictures

I got busy at work. Here's the bathroom.
I had nothing to do with it's design. Obviously. Not my style in the slightest. It's definitely an improvement over what was there before I mean come on, lime green linoleum? When was that ever a good idea? I do like the paint color, the solar tube, and the little ledge in the shower for the shampoo and stuff. It needs a new shower curtain 'cause the one I have is way too short for it and it needs a new soap pump and a rearranging of accessories. And then of course, it will need a new print of oranges in there.

By the way, I'm not a total asshole, my in-laws asked me what I thought of it and I told them the truth. They know me very well. They even called to the T what I would have done in there. "Modern, glass tiles". I love them.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

too bad it's sold out

Needs the finger cut off on the glove. 

Bonus points if you know Margot's middle name.

Extra bonus points if you can quote what Royal replies when she accuses him of not knowing her middle name.

over the kitchen window

Moved some bright prints that were over it and put soups instead.
They were part of some Barefoot Contessa notecards with recipes. But they're so pretty, they had to be framed.