Tuesday, May 30, 2017

copper: modern vs not

I bought a copper paper towel dispenser awhile ago and while I love it and it looks good in the kitchen, something about it made me feel it wasn't quite right with our kitchen. That's when I realized to make copper work in a kitchen like the one that I want which would be a more traditional / english country kitchen / modern farmhouse the copper has to look vintage, not modern.

Observe: modern copper.
Vintage looking copper.  See the difference?
Here's some modern looking kitchens with vintage copper things.
I have seen some kitchens where that modern copper look really fits but, for a modern traditional kitchen, gotta go with a vintage looking copper. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

that second child

We've had two kids for three months and I can honestly say it's been a lot of highs and a lot of lows. The highs and lows are a heightened level from our abalone. She's cute, sweet, smart but now with the addition of the second kid she's experiencing a lot of jealous moments and acts out just because well, she's two, and because she doesn't know how to explain "Hey mom, I want you to stop looking at him because I am worried that you'll love him more than me and and look at me instead so I'm gonna throw things so you can pay attention to me." 
There are days when she is a legitimate terror. Basically she seems to think that she's the only person in the house that matters and we should all bow to her whims and wishes. I want this, I want that. Who cares if mom, dad, or little brother need to eat, sleep, or poop, it's all about her her her. Thursday in particular was rough after she threw a giant tantrum about not wanting to take a nap and then later on about taking a bath. All this while I'm trying to pack for a weekend for the three of us and let me tell you I learned my lesson. From now on if I have to pack, I gotta do it when she's asleep. The boy is a piece of cake but she needs to be out of my hair to be able to do anything otherwise she's just all up in my business and setting me back to zero. I wish I could tell you I handled it with grace and patience but no, I told Matt to take her before I lost my mind. As I changed her diaper I just told her "Alice, you are not the only person in this household. Mom and dad are in charge. This is not Alice's house, Alice lives in this house but she is not the only one. I want you to have fun and give you everything you want but Mom, dad, and Wally have to eat and sleep too. " I dunno if she understood any of it but she was at least quiet as I told her this. It's a mantra I have to repeat to myself honestly.
So about that second child. Who is Walter Rey Fredrich? He is cute. He is smiley. He is easy. He's gotten into a routine now and we did pretty much nothing to make that happen. I told a group recently if I'm gonna give you any advice it's "don't listen to any advice". Everyone had their ideas as to what works when getting a kid to sleep through the night and I honestly think that they just get their on their own. Wally started sleeping from 11pm-6am on his own with very little effort on our part. At first I fed him every two hours, then I fed him every three hours, then I fed him every four hours, and then one day, it was longer. He did that. His body just got big enough where he needed sleep more than food and that was it. Wally also falls asleep so much easier than Alice. He actually falls asleep in the bouncers and swings faster than if I try to rock him, almost like it's too much stimulation. He of course falls asleep easily in car seats, strollers, and in baby carriers. Sometimes I've laid him in the crib or on the floor on a play mat and I hear babbles and then silence and he's out.
He babbles. It's my favorite favorite thing. I stare at him and just talk and talk to him and he loves it. He seems to think he's telling me some super important information. We do a lot of chatting at night when sister is asleep around 9pm before he starts getting super fussy and needs to sleep. Changing his diapers are great times to chat with him. He makes eye contact and just smiles and coos and your heart just soars and melts. He is holy crap, SO stinking cute. I can't get enough of the little baby hands and toes and rolls and his round head and the way his ears stick out and his happy smiles and just... everything. He's a total adorable angel. I freaking love him.
We recently took steps to ensure that Wally would be our last baby. (Thanks Matt! You're a trooper!) It's bittersweet knowing this is our last baby and it's going by so quickly and I can't do anything to slow it down! I even remember in the midst of the annoying round the clock wake ups having moments of this will be the last time I have to do this try to enjoy it. Even on days when the two of them are demanding my attention and I can sneak away and nurse him quietly and do nothing but that it helps my well being so much. I get taken out of whatever I'm doing and I just sit and hold my baby and feed him and stare at him. Who wouldn't want to just stare at that beautiful boy?

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Lately, a lot of things have revolved around Alice. Alice activities. Alice tantrums. Alice Alice Alice. I feel bad that Wally doesn't get as much attention as he should and especially whenever I'm holding him or looking at him, Alice will want me to pay attention to her or want me to put him down. She does think he's cute and she likes going "Hi baby sister!" "Brother!" we keep correcting her. And he has started smiling at her. Poor kid, ignorance is bliss. 
We're still figuring out the balance of one on one time with either of them and quality time in general. I find myself calculating priorities in minutes or seconds. Hmm, they're both asleep, should I nap myself, blog, put things away, take a shower... what can I do that I need both hands for? I could use a third hand when nursing, seriously. The extra one could feed me while I feed the baby.

Time is going by quickly and my maternity leave ends on June 1 after which I'll be going back to work when weekends will be my only time to have such luxurious thoughts about improving quality time with my children. It makes me sad to think about all that I will miss while at work. But a momboss has gotta do what a momboss has gotta do.