Thursday, May 30, 2013

the new coffee table

I'd been wanting this particular coffee table for years for the office but once it became clear that our cats make mincemeat out of anything upholstered we decided to go the coffee table route. I had my heart set on a wood one but Matt vetoed that and said he'd rather something that wouldn't get ruined by lack of coasters. He is wise my husband. And that's how we ended up with this guy for the living room.
He likes it. He sent me a text that every wife enjoys "I like our new coffee table".
It's very low to the ground and has wheels and we've put some mags and books under it so guests can read about improving their swing while I mix up cocktails or finish getting dressed.
So that's phase 2 of the living room done: rug and coffee table.
The list is pretty massive until I feel this room is done: replace those curtains, install bamboo blinds, switch sofa for sectional, replace table behind sofa with a bookcase, replace the DVD bookcase with built in corner shelves,  replace stool with side table for Matt, replace tv console with midcentury style credenza, mount tv on wall, paint walls, hang an art wall along the wall behind the sofa, buy a new clock, hang a shelf above the tv for art, and install overhead lighting.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

last day of school

I should be concerned about the fact that I'll be unemployed for the next oh, 5 weeks but I can't say I'm thinking of anything besides how dang nice it's gonna be to be on summer vacation! I don't do this on purpose you know, taking the summer off, but dang what a great feeling knowing I have a break coming. I am a tired wittle girl. 
Okay I'm gonna get back to wrapping our job but get ready for some serious work around the house and some serious working on fun. Beaches. Dog Hikes. Chicago. Pool Time in La Mirada. Bike Rides.

It's gonna be ON.

Friday, May 24, 2013

it's unofficially summer time

While technically summer isn't started until June 20 but it's the big holiday weekend where we all start imagining stuffing our faces with ice cream
We're still working. Soon it will be summer vacation time.

Hope you all have a weekend. Any weekend will do.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

been about a week

I haven't posted have I? Here's a picture of my two boys and our friend's dog that we were puppy sitting over the weekend. 
I'm gnarly tired. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe

I was on Pinterest looking for stylish camping inspirations and came across this hotel that's jumped to the top of my hotels to visit list.
It's got a camp theme that I've just realized I've been pretty obsessed with for awhile (hello tealight campfire obsession?) Maybe I can switch the guest room into being camp themed. 
The great indoors room with a full camping setup inside of your room. I LOVE IT.
Or maybe the guest bath can be camp themed instead of Portland Hipster? Actually now that I think about it I think Portland Hipster is pretty similar to camp theme. I'm really into this bathroom and the pipe hardware and the lighting and the big floor tiles too.
Next time I visit Uncle Rey, I'm totally going here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

things take time

I am an impatient person and want instant gratification. Well it ain't happening here, especially since I've been so busy with work and life that I don't have time to do things at the house. A vacation time is coming though and when that hits the house is going to be a priority. And rushing into things causes problems and you end up with things you feel so-so about. Like these curtains and that DVD bookcase.
I know, the rug is too big. Two options. We're gonna flip it the other way making it go longwise and see if it fits and if it doesn't then we're moving it to the guest room and buying a smaller rug. But it is a beautiful rug and we love it so it's staying with us one way or another but I did rush the purchase and didn't think the size thing enough. Lesson learned. Take your time. Everything in the house is perfectly okay. You can upgrade little by little. You will get there. You will.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

spring cleaning the closet

It's the most wonderful time of the year gang. Or the worst time of the year if you're a member of the Tanner family and are anyone but Danny.
The current layout of our closet doesn't make much sense to me. The previous owners designed it so that it has one door into the closet and two closets facing each other with sliding glass doors.
It's just felt like an unnecessary amount of doors. And wouldn't it be a more effective use of space to just tear down the doors and walls and have a nice open clothing area and just close one door when you want to hide the clothes?
Well I decided I'd start by simply removing the doors on my side of the closet. Literally. I picked them up and moved them to the a wall by the door. Now I can see all my clothes at once.
I also removed the rails that held the doors and as you can see, there's some patching that will need to be done. Either that or just a straight up knocking down of walls.
We went to the Container Store and I bought a bunch of Sweater Boxes so I could store my off season clothing which made room for the in season clothing. It's a little trick I recommend to double your closet space. Why hang up all your sweaters that take up valuable hangers when it's 80 degrees out? Pack that crap up girl! Plus it's fun when fall and winter comes along to bust out stuff you haven't seen in awhile. It's like you went shopping in your own closet.
 Everybody has their own way of organizing their shoes and this is mine. I keep my most often used shoes down low: flats, sandals, sneakers.
And put up top the lesser used heels. On TOP of that I put the overflow hosting stuff I can't fit in the shed since the shed is a MESS right now full of lawn equipment and such.
I need more drawer action in the closet so I can move my clothes out of my dresser and into the closet to keep all clothes together.
And that's the end of phase 1: removal of closet doors.

I'd like to sketch something out for the closet and do more but... life happens.

Monday, May 13, 2013

from ye old files of evy's home ideas

Remember how people used to save things onto their hard drives before pinterest? Crazy right? Well I'm going through my computer since the most dreaded words in the English language are being uttered in my computer: STARTUP DISK ALMOST FULL. Anyway, I was going through the bathroom file and noticed some good ideas for the guest bathroom. This first one is my favorite and it might be a great  compromise with Michelle over the dark wall color (she's my paint conscience). Dark enough so that it's a statement but has that great chair rail of subway tile. I'd give my right eye (from my Wii character) if we could do hot pink towels but we'll probably keep it safe with a navy or green or something.
Anyway, here's other fun bathrooms that inspire me in the guest bath. That room is so teeny the remodel of that can't be that expensive right? I mean: 7x4 people. It's teeny. I can stand in the middle and stretch my arms and touch both of the walls. Yeah it's like that.
Originally I wanted a pedestal sink but now I don't because I want to put a little stool underneath for the nieces so they can brush their teeth without much help from moi. Maybe even a lidded basket.

we did not get eaten by bears

We got about 20 feet from a bear and lived to tell the tale. Woo hoo. Yosemite National Park is my tax dollars at work! And now back to earn money so I can pay taxes and continue to keep these parks open. You're welcome America.
But first: a much much needed shower and to sleep on a mattress.

Friday, May 10, 2013

we're going camping!

My lovely boss gave me the day off and much to my brother's shock, our family is actually taking a trip up to Yosemite for three days for a little camping adventure. Wish I owned this guy to take with me:
I am pinning inspiration images on Pinterest if you want to laugh at what I consider "stylish camping".

We're going with Gaudy's Family plus our family. It's gonna be my bro, Gauds, Mari, Mom, Frank, Angie, Matt, and myself for our side for a total of 13 of us. Gaudy rented a few campsites months ago and lo and behold it's coming together. Dan & Jill gave us the family camping gear so we didn't have to buy a tent or more sleeping bags and we've bought camping chairs, a propane grill, a lantern, and headlamps. We have four plastic bins full of camping supplies ready to go and by the time you read this we will be well on our way.

If the experience turns out to be fun, this may lead to more Fredrich Family camping trips, hopefully with the pups next time. Gauds, Mari, and I made a pact to not wear makeup for three days and be in workout clothes the whole time. Wish us all luck!

Hope you have a great weekend and spend some time in the great outdoors.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

mockin' it up in the office part 7,000

At this point I feel like I've done the mock up for the office about 7,000 times. A lot of things have remained constant like the desk and the couch and the floating shelves but this is the latest:
Indulge me in my following ramblings because it's a $2000 piece so I need to think through my cheapskateness. I saw this console on designlovefest's office makeover in red (i'd get yellow) and I think it's perfect for the space because I've been wanting something that was a) long and b) wood c) not totally white and d) unique. And it definitely is that: one of a kind. I mean no one has something like this piece anywhere. I've been reading "Good Bones, Great Pieces" and they recommend you buy something that you can imagine living in a lot of rooms in your home over many years and while I primarily want it for the office, I can see it being used in the living room (you know me and yellow) or a guest room or a kid room. If I did get this or another type of credenza, it would go right here under the window and house the printer inside the doors and various other office supply things. Above it I'd hang some hanging shelves to display the girly movies and girly books. I would love a white TV but I think I'll go Samsung because they have built in Netflix and other cool Apps. Though we all know what I'd really be watching...
And I think I do want that hot pink coffee table. I was thinking it would be cool to get a few of those poufs to prop my feet on or as additional seating especially since Lyla and I had a little tea party in here last time she was over and I could have used a little pouf as I tried to prevent her from clinking the glasses with a force that would shatter them. There's a little video I'll post later.
So: opinion time. Michelle: what do you think of the console? Matt: are those poufs ugly and will the cats ruin them? Ambre: when are you gonna come visit? Miri: Is that tea thing too busy?