Wednesday, June 30, 2010

oh yeah this is new

Oh yes I did! I got a four pack at Marshalls.
The family enjoyed drinking from pink birds. Who wouldn't?

okay, how cute is my dog

He and Matt were chilling in the office with me. Matt is also cute.

things to do in boston

Re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party.
I'm actually planning of just tossing this in the harbor:
That'll show those oppressive imperialists!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

what a sickness looks like

On Saturday, five days before I was leaving, I finished packing for my Boston trip. I know, it's disgusting. This is my rolly. I had to do it. I cannot do the last minute packing thing and I do not have a second to spare the next few days. 
If it'll make you feel better, I double checked my list before I zipped up. Whoa, sweaters. I hadn't packed sweaters. Awesome.

toy story 3

Dang. What a movie. Now, we all know Disney owns me and Pixar can do no wrong so it's no surprise there but man, it was really an incredible film regardless of it being a cartoon. I mean, after all these years, about oh say 15 years since the original and 11 years since the sequel, you are nuts about those characters. They are practically your toys and though obviously none of us played with Woody or Buzz Lightyear toys, they're such a part of our everyday life, that we imagine our children will obviously play with their own Woody and Buzz someday.
Besides being really hilarious and intense in some scenes to the point of actual edge of your seat excitement (or maybe that's just me), it had some great new characters. My favorites were Trixie voiced by the girl from Flight of the Conchords Kristen Schaal who frankly we didn't hear enough of in this movie, Buttercup voiced by Jeff Garlin, and Chuckles the Clown who just cracked me up besides being scary as all clowns usually are.
But man, was it a tear jerker! The story is about Andy, the toy gang's owner going off to college and what will become of his toys. After years and years the kid has gotten rid of all but the core toys that he cannot bear to part with but is too old to play with and they spend 99% of their time in a toy chest in Andy's room, locked in the dark, presumably waking up and wandering around when their owner is gone. They want so badly for him to play with them but he's just grown up.
After the movie I wondered about toys and growing up. Obviously I am a 28 year old married woman that works, pays taxes, worries about health insurance coverage, by all intents and purposes I'm an adult. Though oftentimes I still feel like a kid pretending to be an adult, independence, husband, and all. Just Sunday we took the whole family to Chuck E Cheese. I still love cartoons. I get giddy every time I go to Disneyland. And I very badly want a slinky dog and to collect all the toys from the Toy Story movies.
The last time I truly played with a toy I was in college. I was visiting my family and my three sisters, you know them, the ones that have babies and are getting married, were playing with their polly pockets. As I sat on my computer I looked and listened to their game and got sucked in. By then the girls were about 10 or so and had gotten their playtime down to a science. They had piled the toys into groups, cars, houses, dolls, and they played rock scissor paper to determine who went first. We took turns choosing a house, then a car, then a doll. After everything had been dolled out I bent down to pick up my house and the girls all yelled "NO!" The rules, unbenownst to me, were that the houses stay put and the game continued. The girls would narrate the game and would indicate when it was daytime and each doll went to work and then it was nighttime, and we all had to stay indoors because the headless horseman would come and get you if you were out and about. This is when I grew concerned for them, but still laughed.
Of course, it's only natural that playtime with toys ends at a certain age. You get other things to play with. Laptops, phones, video games, pets, and then, children, who will inevitably want toys of their own and you'll get an excuse to play with toys again. An excuse to be a kid. Which frankly, we shouldn't feel the need to hide, we're gonna be adults all our lives, it's okay to play.

Monday, June 28, 2010

who's right?

Either way looks like it's gonna be warm...
I have to endure two shoot days and two wrap days before I go. Wish me well.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Oh hi, cute new yellow with peacock feathers wallet.
Want to come shopping with me?

photographs you can hold

In September of 2007 I borrowed my grandmother's wedding photo to scan it and blow it up to display at our wedding. My brother touched it up and made it look way better but it crashed on my computer after the wedding and now I'm the only person that has the digital file of my nana's wedding which I remedied this morning by sending to my family via email.
In November of this year, our family is gonna celebrate my Nana's birthday and we're trying to scan pictures of her for another slideshow. So this Saturday morning, since my internal clock wakes me up early anyway, I decided to just scan some pictures and try to find more of my nana for the slideshow.

Of course, when opening the jar that is your photo boxes, you start finding all kinds of stuff to scan and email. Ohmygosh, Jerry totally needs this picture of us in the pool when we were kids and then it just goes overboard and next thing you know you've got a giant pile of photos to scan in addition to the ones you have to scan that belong to your dad that you've had for like a year and really should return.
What's the point of having a great photo you can't share? Wouldn't Alex and Nancy totally get a kick out of that photo of us playing "Bibleopoloy"? Wouldn't Michelle love the photo of us in TJ when we got that fish on our foot tattoo that everyone thought was stupid when I suggested it but loved it right after? But I wonder if all of the cyberworld has to see it. Like just emailing the person should be enough.

The other part is that of digital vs physical copies of photos. Obviously I take lots of pictures but I have zero desire to print any of them. Some of them I feel I should because they're important like wedding pictures, oh yeah, still haven't printed those and oh yeah, still haven't printed the pictures of Angie and Lyla that I wanted to gift my sisters with.
I want digital. I want ALL the photos I have to be on my laptop. Why? So I can see them whenever I want, because sitting in that box downstairs, I'm never gonna open that box and I sit in front of this machine every day. If I feel like a good cry, I can look at Nana pictures. If I feel like a smile, I'll bust out some pics of my dog or nieces. Or both.
It's easy nowadays to go digital, we all have digital cameras, even digital cameras on our phones and can share photos instantly. Does it make a photo less important the fact that I can so easily throw it in the trash and empty the trash and it's as if it never happened? It also piles up the pictures since you just take picture after picture after picture 'til you get one you like but you still feel bad about tossing the bad ones so you get a billion photos of the cats on your shoulder.
So what's the moral of this story? Take lots of pictures. Back them up. Print them. Don't print them. Share them. Scan pictures you don't have digitally. After all, you only live once, might as well document this one life you have as best you can.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

not much has changed

Twenty some odd years later, I still love me some popcorn.
When my nana gave me that popcorn picture I was looking for everywhere she said, "Not even in a year would you have been able to finish that popcorn" Actually she said "Ni en uño te terminabas esas palomitas." I dunno Nana, I have been known to go through a lot of bags of kettle corn.

Friday, June 25, 2010

questionable home item

Hmm, would you ever ever ever want that in your home? Ever.

my command station

Now that I am older and care about my back, I have set up my laptop at work with more ergonomic gear. Stand, keyboard, mouse.

I do not like wireless things cause they have to be recharged and I own enough battery operated devices.

Don't go there.

- mobile blog post.

i dont think you're ready

For my jellies

Can't a girl take a picture without a cat being in the way?

- mobile blog post.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

dear matthew

I would like this chair for our bedroom or living room.



I am extra patriotic today because the USA won their group for the first time since 1930 in the World Cup. I watched it in our office and it was very very exciting.


It's 80s Madonna meets hipster

I mean the headband, come on, start singing "Material Girl"

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The longest relationship I've had with a company, is with Apple (this is their old logo):
When I was in 5th grade, the first computer was an old Macintosh One and I knew someday, my computers would all be Apple:
The first computer I had that was all mine, was purchased by my dear dad right before I left for college. MY OWN COMPUTER. I knew which one I wanted and this guy was my friend for four years and more. It was used by a lot of our dorm and a lot by my roommate. He was a good guy, dang I almost wish I still had it. I wonder where it ended up, maybe my brother has it:
Then since I had to take a computer to work, I bought this guy off of Enrique for a few hundy:
A few years later, making production money, I went for it and now have this guy:
And with the needs of mobility increasing, this is my beloved toddler two years old:
I have successfully talked a few people into buying macs and as of now haven't heard a single complaint. I am a Mac Addict. A Mac Fanatic. A Mac Loyalist.

Their customer service is second to none. Recently I had to take Chuck (laptop) in 'cause the battery just wasn't lasting long enough, I figured it was time to replace the bat. One thing. My three year warranty had expired in April. An Apple Waranty is incredible. Whatever happens to the computer, it's all covered, they even go so far as replacing it if it needs that, easy as pie. They have appointments you can make with "geniuses" that figure out what's wrong with your computer person to person. Hardly any companies do that, you just talk to a machine, no action. The genius ran a diagnostic on the battery and sure enough it was toast. He told me that it would cost $99 to replace. Fine. Do you have a warranty? I did, for three years. Well, I'm gonna reward you for having that warranty, I'll just replace the battery free of charge. Brand new battery. That's my company and will be for life.

when in doubt

Giant pink flower on your lapel.

Monday, June 21, 2010


It's here. Time for even MORE turquoise and yellow.
My favorite season. Yes I know it gets hot, I like it hot.