Sunday, May 30, 2010

the future of a guest room

This would be perfect for a guest room, I will so do this canopy bed thing someday. It looks so happy! Actually I really like this room with the exception of maybe that plum wall color. I like it in theory.
I also saw on craigslist a yellow canopy full sized bed that would be almost perfect for the drum room if I painted the walls green. I am obsessed with painting the walls green in that room. I'm totally going to, try and stop me.

calling card

Business cards seem such an old fashioned thing but since I am self employed, I feel I should make myself some calling cards with my name, email, and mobile number. I like these:
I want something elegantish, with some yellow and letterpressed,with the raised lettering. All else is open to interpretation. How do we feel about calling cards people?


Oh hi my name is Gwyneth Paltrow, I am so rich that I can just buy a place while I'm filming something and hire people to make it over in 10 days so my family and I can stay here instead of a hotel.
Must be nice. GP, must be nice.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

you know what's cool

In theory, if I wanted to, I could just completely change the cover of the sofa just for fun. Create a completely different look without spending a lot of dough.

What a tempting thought.

the front patio now

Ah, nothing like taking a bunch of crap out and leaving it with less=more.
Stars from Big Lots.
The daisys my sister Mari got me in February are blooming again! So exciting!
Let me tell you the story of these guys here. I saw them and I was angry, aww man, those stupid plants we took down are coming back, I better weed them out. Then I realized, wait, these are really evenly spaced. Oh yeah, I planted some bulbs. Awesome. Great memory EvY.

Friday, May 28, 2010

lyla sky

WARNING: some pics may be unsuitable for people who don't know where babies come from and how gooey they come out when they do. Nothing graphic, just a warning.

Well, it happened. Another sister had another baby girl. I am so thankful that I was home on a day off and was able to drive her to the hospital drama free and be with her. Not that we would have minded an exciting story but she needed a ride and I was home, easy peasy. Here's the about to burst momma about to get on an elevator and checking in at the maternity ward.
After I was the designated other labor coach after her baby daddy, my wrist band was upgraded and I could be there all day, I did have the luxury of having lunch with Matt outside and then taking a nap at home for awhile. I can see why there should be two labor coaches, to switch out for lunch breaks.
Liz wanted to go as naturally as possible but when her contractions were intense after only 4cm and a few hours and had no where neared where they would be, as major supporter of natural birthing as I was come on now. If I'm at home and I have a tummy ache, I take some tums. If I have a headache, I take an aspirin. So first we gave her the pain meds, then she took the magic anasthesia that was an epidural. The anastheisiologist was a major arrogant a-hole. I forgave him 'cause he was good at his job during the procedure itself but he was the biggest jerk off I'd ever met. My sister damn near got into a fight with him over his sarcastic response to her questions and when he left the nurse apologized for him and said he's always like that and is even mean to them. Mother effer. Anyway, during the procedure with Mr. Ass Clown, I was supposed to sit in the corner quietly so I did and was able to go cover to cover on a pottery barn catalog. Yeah, even awaiting a new family member I could find time for home decor.
The epidural did great at relaxing her and it was a whole new Liz. We watched "Whose Line is it Anyway?" man that show's hilarious. And the family came to visit. Unfortunately they couldn't come in to see her, some hospital policy, so I came out and told them what was happening and updated them on Liz's condition and what the plan was for the rest of the night.
And of course, we made time for prayer so the Lord would speed along the delivery.
And what do you know, God answered our prayer. The next time the nurse checked, she was at 9cm of dilation! Much rejoicing! My cutoff time to go home so I could sleep and go to work if she would not deliver was 1am. Since she was at 9cm, I just decided to stay all the way, what's a loss of a few hours of sleep compared to getting to see a baby born right? A few minutes later, she was at 10. Calmly, ever so calmly she tells us "Okay, well we're gonna try some practice pushes." Umm, what? For reals? Up my sister's legs go in the stirrups. Boy is anything in the world more fun? I'm glad after all the work the nurse put into it she was able to see the end result (by the by, earlier in the day, Liz's nurses were Biola grads I recognized right away, neat huh?) of the baby being born. It was so unlike the movies. It was calm, explained properly, sanitation began of the room and equipment, surreal.
Three more nurses and a doctor came in. Well two more nurses and an intern. Towels go everywhere. Birthing is messy ass crap people. By this time I feel weak and on the edge of a panic attack. I sit in between pushes. I talk to my sister. I take pictures that don't show anything really.
It was so quiet. They tell Liz to push and she starts pushing. Takes a breath and a break, pushes again. Lots of encouragement. Come on you can do it, you can do better, finish it, come on Liz push. Then after a second round of pushing, sliding face down and quietly, slimey as all get out, is Lyla Sky.
As she wanted to so very much, as soon as the doctor got a grip on her, smack, she went right on Liz's chest and Liz got to see and spend some time with her newborn while other things happen (can we say afterbirth) who was so calm and quiet. Her cries were like a little kitten. Tears are pouring down my face, camera rolling on Lyla. I cannot believe I just watched a little baby come out of a little woman.
They do the measuring and cleaning on one end of the room and I try very hard to avoid glancing from Liz to the baby 'cause the doctor's still uh, doing things to Liz's uh, anyway, hey look, a cute baby tush!
We get the stats of her height and weight. She is 6lbs, 3oz, 19 1/2" long. From the looks of my sister's belly, we would have put money on a four pounder but she was a nice healthy weight, healthy everything. The nurses held her up for this picture of her and her first hat and first identifying foot bands to avoid baby theft. This the world we live in.
Opened her eyes really quickly and I swear to you when I spoke to her she tried to take a look at me. I would hope she feels comfortable around me, she's been sleeping in my house for the past few months, you could almost say we've been roommates for awhile.
I missed work thanks to, you guessed it, a morning panic attack! I guess it was too much for me to handle physically and emotionally and my body just delayed in the reaction. I woke up all barfy feeling with body chills. After I slept and called out sick, I felt a million times better. 
And holding my healthy niece, best medicine ever.

one not particularly exciting tuesday...

I decided to doll up the dining area and invite my brother and his WIFE over for dinner. I set it for six even though it would only be five 'cause well, I'm OCD like that. 

It seems like a lot of work setting it up like this, but it really wasn't. I own all the stuff to make it happen so I just pulled them out of cupboards. Setup time: five minutes.
Never underestimate how instantly fancy a dining situation becomes when adding wine glasses and water goblets. Oh and candles and flowers.
For dinner I made a practice run of a quiche I'm planning on making for Christmas dinner. Two things. First of all, making pie crust is bullcrap. For $2.50 you can just buy a box of two refrigerated pie crusts and unroll it onto your pie plate and badamn perfect pie crust and delicious to boot. Secondly. When making mashed potatoes, for the love of all that is holy, make sure you use two TEAspoons, not two TABLEspoons. Ah well, I guess I was due for a cooking error, hadn't had one in a long time. Knock on lacquer wood. 

And I had to fight with all that was within me to resist apologizing for the potatoes because Julia said to NEVER apologize. So I didn't. And they were eaten anyway.


Today, while I enjoyed sleeping in 'til 9am, I heard a sweet little voice, "Evy?" "Mmm," I mutter half awake. "Can you take me to the hospital?" Liz asks. Bamn! I shoot up in bed. "Are you in labor honey?" "I dunno, I think so."

I have never gone from sleepy to awake so quickly in my life. I make strategic comfort wardrobe choices and my sister is ready with a bag and blankets. We head to the hospital, my sister clenching my hand on the way. We joke about how convenient it was that I was home and not at work and able to be there for her and that the baby must've gotten excited about seeing her newly fixed up room that it made her want to come see it for herself.

We arrived, at the maternity ward admittance the nurse took her insurance card and then a contraction hit and the nurse asks, "Wait are you in labor now?" So she was admitted and the waiting began. When the contractions got ridiculous, she took some pain meds, when it got unbearable she took the epidural. Watching her suffer unecessarily, I was glad she took the epi. It was a whole new Liz, she relaxed and slept. I went home and napped.

At around midnight, after a particularly disappointing few checks by the nurse, who by this time has a completely deflated look like she's about to throw in the natural delivery towel. She comes back and ta-da, 9cm! We are all revitalized. I can hang in there longer now that I know she's coming soon, I really wanna watch the delivery. I hope I will be able to.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

did i mention?

I got new lamps for the living room.
These are the ones. They remind me of fancier expensiver Jonathan Adler lamps. Only they were $30 each at TJ Maxx.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a long time fantasy come true

Something I've always wanted to have. Music in every room of the house, mostly manifested by mini cables & speakers where my iPods & laptop can plug in and play.

Guest Room:
Master Bedroom:
Drum Room:
Living Room:
The living room speakers are plugged into the network so I could play music from my laptop upstairs into the speakers downstairs and control the music from my iPhone's remote application from any room in the house. Damn I love me some geeky tech.

what to expect for summer veggie q decor

The white plates I am nuts about 'cause they look like disposable paper plates but they're actually melamine plastic plates. You know I love reusable stuff that looks like the disposable stuff. I don't quite know why.