Thursday, September 30, 2010

another possibility for postcard displays

I've seen people try to make clothes lines for postcards but this is the best incarnation of it I've seen so far. 
I think it's a combination of the consistent sized and designed postcards, the tiny tiny clothes pins, and the colored string/rope/what have you. It doesn't look cluttered, it looks thought out. I like that.

am i crazy or are these really really cute

I have a thing for wreaths. I have a fall one right now that is really really lame. I mean, it was from the dollar section of Target. Anyway, I saw these and found them incredibly beautiful. Ideally I'd get one that could just stay there year round. Though it would be great to have a different one for each season...

 Spring? Fall? Winter? Year round?
 Fall? Year round?
The store also sold cute little napkin rings:
 And a bouquet of felt flowers.
I am certain these whole things could be DIY'd but I have no such time for that.

Am I crazy? Are they cute?

a wishlist fulfillment

It's a little campfire LED candle thing! I added it to my wishlist last year and now own it.
I bought it one week when it appeared it was fall and the week it arrived was the hottest in Los Angeles with record breaking 113ยบ in Downtown.
Still. Lookit how cute it is! I opened it and instantly pretended to warm myself by it.

Matt was not as amused.

guess who went to anthropologie...

I bought eight latte bowls in various colors. They're so cute!

Then Mary mentioned the aloha orchid candle and so I had to buy it.

Since it is of the fancy aka quality variety (though quite reasonably priced I think) the smell actually carries across and makes the entire room smell amazing.

Good call Mary. I will now be dreaming of Kauai.

- mobile blog post.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

and in this corner

The only John Derian for Target stuff I liked was not for sale in any of the stores I went to. So I did what I normally do. I went on (saves you 10% if you're a AAA member and use it to shop online at Target) and bought stuff that added up to free shipping. Can you spot them?
These came in a set of 8. Four went on the wall and four went here. Originally I was like, what do I do with the four extra plates I don't need? Solution. Gracias.
These dudes got hunged.
This plate got propped up.
This area looks a little I dunno, not colorful? Still in progress.
There's that table runner I wanted. It's so dang purty.
I went to Target in person and was heartbroken when a $6 turquoise trashcan could not be sold to me because it was stuck to a black trash can that no employee could un-stick. It looked like the one I blogged about by Jon Adler only round and you know, not a billion dollars. Sad face.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i keep coming back to it

The future of my master bedroom may in some way involve dark wood midcentury furniture and yellow bedding.
Oh and stripes. Obviously some stripes.

tray and bathy things

I like having my bath stuff on display. I have been known to transfer ugly bottles into pretty bottles. The bottle in the back with the white top has eye makeup remover 'cause the bottle was ugly. The skin tonic by Boots I bought 'cause the bottle was pretty not cause I wanted rose scented skin tonic. Thankfully I now actually use the stuff. The whole collection is really appealing to me because of the packaging.
I was downstairs and heard Matt mumble something that sounded like "hey i like that toothbrush thing..." "WHAT?!" He repeats it to me at the stairs. Why is it such a tremendous sense of accomplishment to have Matthew like something I bought that I had him in mind for that he actually appreciated? I got it at The Container Store for $4.
 I saw this little jar and impulsively bought three. I have one more left to use up. Why is a jar full of cotton swabs just so perfectly adorable?
Bath and Body Works, you sly trickster with your 3 for $10 body sprays. Yes, I've now begun using body sprays daily. Especially when I've not showered the day before.
Fancy cute candle to complete the yuppy scene there.
 I bought this tray recently on impulse and while I like it a lot, I can't believe I paid what I did for it. I think I had regret once it started checking me out.
Oh well, damage has been done.

Monday, September 27, 2010

yo quiero

You know how like no one can afford anything at Anthropologie. Or okay, you know how I feel about spending money on overpriced stuff at Anthropologie? These are reasonable and why in heaven's name did I think my cereal bowls have to match? They're so classic. I would love them forever.
And then there's this jaw dropping nom nom.
Too early for Christmas presents from me to me?


They finally came in the mail. They are so freaking giant, I can't believe how big they are! Luckily they were perfect for this ugly vase I want to spray paint white.
Here's the other one in the office.
Yes, I think I want a smaller one for that little vase too.
 Sickness, I have it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beautiful and tugs at the heart strings

You will never guess what this incredibly wonderful makeover is for.
 It's a teacher's LOUNGE!!!
Sorta made me sad that teacher's lounges don't all look like this. It makes me sad our schools aren't cathedrals with only the best things money can buy in them. I have a lot of teachers in my life (Ambre, Ambre's dad, Matt's grandma, Matt's mom) and they deserve something this wonderful.

Heck, wouldn't a great TV show idea be extreme makeover: teacher's lounges edition?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

more cute ways to dress your child if it's a girl

Michelle, Emily, I leave it in your capable hands. 
Oh and the bottom outfit with the trench and the folded up jeans and flats. I bet I could pull that off, if I wasn't so ashamed that I would know I got the idea from what appears to be a five year old.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Ah! This girl bought those gothic plates I wanted from Target and hung them on the wall like I wanted to do! Only hers is much more subtle and really really cute.

i wish i was DIY

So I could find a way to make my nightstand that looks like this:
Into this overly priced beautiful thing.
I mean it's a matter of making a drawer for the top part and finding a cute knob and then making those legs for the bottom right? Gee I wish I knew how to make things.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

wedding song

When deciding on what song I would walk down the "aisle" to on our wedding day I was back and forth between two songs.

1) Comptine D' un Autre Ete from the Amelie soundtrack.
2) This Will Be from the While You Were Sleeping soundtrack.

Hmm I just realized they're both movie soundtracks.

Anyway, for weeks I played the songs back to back in the car on my iPod. The Comptine D' un Autre Ere was really beautiful, I could hear it over and over and never get sick of it. It wasn't mothereffing Canon in D at least and only a few people would know where the song came from. Cool people obviously.

A few months before the wedding Matt and I went to a wedding. The world's most generic wedding. Nothing was original. Nothing was interesting. I mean for Pete's sake people, could it have been more ordered from the okay I'll have the stupid lame wedding everyone has catalog. And the bride walked down the aisle to some classical tune. I says to myself, HELL NO! 
So although our families eventually were walked down the aisle to the tune of the beautiful Comptine, my dad and I walked down the aisle to the upbeat "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole. The song that opens my favorite movie.

As my dad and I walked down the aisle, I have no idea why, well probably 'cause I was so ridiculously giddy and happy and goofy (I know I know, ew) I started kinda dancing. My dad kinda started too. We were skipping and goofing off and right before I walked down the seating area I made him spin me. It's a celebration dangit! I am happy dangit!

The song Matt and I walked out too after we were announced Mr and Mrs Fredrich (not Mr and Mrs Matt Fredrich after all I still exist and have a name) was selected long before I selected mine. 

And it also kicked ass.

things i'm obsessed with

Nail Polish. It's as important to my mood and the weather to have the right color on my nails and toes. It also helps stop me from biting my nails which by and large is a habit I've kicked but do have relapses.

This is the color I want right now, it's called Suzi says Feng Shui by OPI. 
This is the color I'm wearing right now, it's called Thinking of Blue by Sally Hansen. It looks purple here with Captain Kirk but I assure you, it's blue.
I also saw that OPI makes a yellow nail polish. Umm, thanks but no.

our third anniversary

I am on a job that's a big one (5 shoot days) so I figured I wouldn't have the 22nd off to celebrate with Matt. I looked at the calendar and the 12th of September was a day off for both of us so we celebrated it a little bit early. I wish I could say I though of the idea to do what we did right away but it was completely last minute and it worked out great. We did what we were unable to do three years ago on our wedding day thanks to the rain at Neff Park.
We had a picnic.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Three years of sharing a joint checking account. 

Three years of a combined DVD collection.

Three years of sharing a bed.
I'm happy to share the covers, with you.

Happy Anniversary Honey Buns.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

big fan of this idea.

Bookshelves behind the sofa if your sofa was leaning up against a wall. It solves the problem of figuring out WTF you're supposed to put behind the sofa (big print?! lots of frames?!)
My only wonder is what goes in those shelves that are low and obstructed by the sofa. They're not easily accessible so what does one put there? Maybe if you left a little gap between the sofa and the bookcase it would give you some space to reach everything.