Tuesday, August 31, 2010

wall complete so far

Matt was not a fan of the art we had before in the middle so I changed it and updated the pics of the girls.
Mexican nieces.
New Mexican nieces.
Much better looking at this every day than some lame plant.
It says: Wherever we are together, that is home.


Oh em gee. Studio Bon's genius woman Bonnee Sharp has the loveliest home. This bedroom is something out of my dreams for our master bedroom. Yellow roller blinds and green headboard? Si!
I am nutso about colored bokcases around fireplaces. Not so much the cowhide rug though.
Thanks for the reminder that I want black counter tops so I will have to have stainless steel appliances.
This table looks like mine! Sweeet.
The printed textiles are designed by her.

I have that table! I love that light fixture.
Even the freaking nursery is cute.
My hat goes off to her.

donta wish your jimmy was choo like me

This is the closet of the chick that made Jimmy Choo. Obviously, she has a LOT of Jimmy Choos.
That is the luckiest kid in the world. Hopefully she'll have the same shoe size as her mom.

Monday, August 30, 2010

guess who i met?

I dragged Matt to hear Mary Roach talk about Packing for Mars and have her sign our book. She was just as funny and sweet as she appears. 
As requested, she wrote "To The Fredrichs: Mars, bitches!"
Also in attendance was Rita from Arrested Development. AKA Charlize Theron. Matt thought it was hilarious that we went to some LA event and a celebrity was there.
Disappointingly she was wearing neither coonskin cap nor teddy bear backpack.

white hamm

These images are like something out of a dream.
A wonderful, magical dream.

in the hottest week of summer in cali

I bought a wool coat. It's Navy blue and was on my fall shopping list and I LOVE it. 
Oh, did I mention it was $30! Marshalls baby.
No such thing as too many coats and I'm trying desperately to keep clear of black coats. Trying this on and taking a picture was so uncomfortable since the AC was off upstairs.

The lengths I go through for you guys.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

most favorite of favorite entry halls

The bottom of this bench has doors where you can shove your shoes. The top baskets hold your junk and let's not talk about the beauty of the coats and the bench.
Possibly my favorite entry of all time.

my dream living room

I think that I would like a New York apartment in Los Angeles. I dunno, something about a bunch of rooms crammed together with hardly any space makes the little Tetris player inside go giddy with challenging opportunities. Having a four bedroom house allows a girl to spread out but a smaller home forces a girl to narrow things down to what's important.
Blah blah blah. This young lady is not a professional decorator but dang is she good. Her living room is so colorful and beautiful and it has molding and beautiful paint and it just feels so cozy.
I love the bookshelves behind the sofa.
I love the living room and dining room together.
I love the freaking dining room.
In a funny twist of fate, she's moving to Los Angeles but will be renting out this apartment. Too bad I could never live in New York, I don't care how cool their apartments are.


With zippers!
A girl was in line in front of me at Target and she was wearing capri length leggings with zippers that are very neat looking and I wish I could find some like that.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

lots of books

I love and sincerely believe that all fireplaces and/or mantles should be flanked by bookcases full of books and possibly pretty things. But mainly lots and lots of books. I also like the bottom cabinets for extra storage of not so pretty things.
Ooh game table and pretty chairs. Giddy!
Ah the simple mantle. Treasure.
I like the mixed chairs too.

because people love me and know me

Ali emailed me these coasters that I want so much for my office.
My brother emailed me this art from the OC Fair.
Thank you for being a friend.

back! front!

The back of my cute lil' Target dress.
My two summer necklaces.
That reminds me, I gotta google natural silver jewelry cleaner because they are quite tarnished.

Friday, August 27, 2010

song of my summer

Just like any other flesh and blood California Girl that likes a pop song every once in awhile. And you know me and my dang California pride.
Sorry Ali, I checked, she won't be making a "Massachusets Gurl" song.

Plus, not the same.

marriage is

A pink toothbrush and a blue toothbrush.

oh you sexy thing you

My heavens, you're, beautiful. Sexy.
You would look pretty nice right here.

looking forward to reading this

The September Issue of Vogue. THE BEAST.
And by "read" obviously I meant look at pretty clothes and things.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

stripes and colors

Went to Old Navy and bought a lot of colorful stuff that was on sale.
Including cut offs that were perfectly cut and disheveled.
And some sandals that were on sale.
For $6.97.
The paws belong to Woz.

P.S. Don't think I'm becoming one of those take pics of my outfits people. I am just running low on legitimate content so I'm borrowing from my life in clothes.

conversations with matt, part 2

"What were you doing while I was at work?"

"Well I read, and I watched Dawson's Creek Season 1"

"Wow, you need to get a job"

"That's what Michelle said!"

After this conversation I put Season 1 away and started the project of watching Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor. All four hours of it.

Cause I have nothing but time.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the grid

I wanted any color other than that teal color but that's all they had left at Target.
So here they are. Georgia. Helevtica Nue Light. Edwardian Script. Calibri. Impact. American Typewriter. Larger font and all in grey.
I think I'll eventually switch out the colors but I really like the grid idea.