Monday, January 31, 2011


Spring will be here before you know it. Not soon enough if you ask me. I do want a hanging planter for the kitchen for an ivy that's still alive there but this is a cute set up.
The bottom is faceted. SO cute.
Or you could use it for non planting and just make a little veggie hanging basket.
Tres cute no?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

what the?!

This cat has seen more of the world than I have.
He travels with his owner in a backpack, snoozing away as his owner treks from Miami to Ushuaia. I can't even get the cats to ride in the kennel from our old apartment to our new house without hearing them complain! By the way, you dog owners have special bonding moments over dogs (I do as well, almost forgot I was also a dog owner), but when two people find out the other has cats, it's like a long lost brother. There's picture sharing, laughing, hugging, kidney donating, it's beautiful.

striped sunday

My man TOB had some bedding on sale at the T so I got them. Know why?
'Cause they were STRIPED. This may be the bedding I get in lieu of the striped West Elm one.
I've been reading and seeing way too many bedding catalogs and bedding related articles. Is it the season where everyone gets sick of their bedding and changes it up?
Also got new pillows. They were $5 and they're SUPER FIRM. We're enjoying them.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

this day

It's Saturday! I have one weekend to prep for work related travel next week. I'm not supposed to talk about the job online or anything but it's been a busy week for our production team, the days flew by fast. I guess I better hurry up and clean the office before Matt wakes up 'cause we have a 30 Rock Date.

Oh and if you're still on the hunt for a birthday present for me (Jill, Ambre, and Mary are off the hook), we have these guys: they're coasters:
Or these:
I think they'd be cute for our bathroom. Actually don't buy me those, I'll get them for our anniversary. You know, really really early.

again, the office and again, validation

Ah, it always makes me feel better when I see someone doing with their office what I've done in mine. White couch, white parsons desk, glam-ish accessories, wall of prints over the couch, etc.
I actually have a curtain rod for the office I still need to hang up and find curtains for but I am really itching to paint it green like that one all time favorite room. I'm guessing I'd go with floral type curtains. The exact ones in that room are pretty nice too.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

speaking of 2/17

I am absolutely one to drop hints. Matt:

Your wife only turns 29 once. Oh and can you get it in silver please?

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

every. day.

One of my xmas gifts from me to me was an item I'd been coveting for awhile:

It's got a page per day of the year and allots a few lines to summarize your day and lasts for five years. I write in it every day before bed, it's a good discipline.

I kid you not, I just opened the book to the first blank page I could find to take a picture of it and it opened to THAT page. Scary! Or cool!

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officey things

I had to move stuff around in the big cabinet to make room for my future TV. I also moved the Wii upstairs just to see what it would look like. It looks like it needs a TV next to it.
A few weeks ago I bought a third shelf for the office to give that area some height. Well it worked but I think it needs less stuff up there, too cluttered.
I think I'm gonna do the ole boring either three boxes or three piles of magazines. Ho hum. But at least it's got height, right?
I moved the star I got for Christmas in there, again, for height, and it's cute, I like it.
And finally, I'd been wanting to add another shelf to the office closet because there was a lot of wasted space up there, so many options I tossed around and the answer was already in my house. My closet already had stackable shelves on the top so I got some for the office.
I am gonna get one more next to it to add even more storage. 'Cause we know I don't like wasting vertical space.

Monday, January 24, 2011

not wasting vertical space

My closet has a lot of wasted space. It's vertical. This is actually a problem that plagues a lot of the closets in our house since most of them are tall, it's a great problem to have. And the solution is pretty easy, just add some vertical storage.
I got them at Target and they're super cheap but work just exactly how I need them to.  I didn't particularly NEED more space in the closet, it's not like I am planning on filling the shelves with Kate Spade bags, phew, I wish! But it's the principle. Do not waste storage space.
By the way this is not a violation of my no spending money thing, I got a tip at work for helping a fellow crew person out. Still not spending any money 'til February.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

striped sunday

Kate Spade striped jacket.
 Super cute ass bow in the back.
Why can't I be a millionaire?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

damn skippy

What'd I say? Already justfied! By Oh Joy! herself:
Brass. Stripes. Midcentury. I'm also digging on this bedroom by Bryn except in my world there is no black.
 Though I do like that four post bed.
I liked that round lamp a lot but Matt is not keen on it.
Also on her site she talks about what she's doing in her master bedroom and her color scheme is pretty similar to what I'd want to do/am already working with.
Earlier I said green velvet curtains. Now I'm thinking teal velvet curtains. Or suede teal curtains. Whatever that fabric is that blocks out light that works really well in our guest bedroom, that plus teal plus curtains.

who's my man?

Thomas O'Brien. His rooms are designed just how I'd like our master bedroom to look like. Masculine, classic, a little bit glam, and neutral but not boring. I was thinking I'd like the room to be mid-century looking but I really like how O'Brien keeps the rooms interesting and soothing.
This picture I took off a coverlet that was on sale at Target (T O'B has a bedding line there) and this room was almost too perfect. It also made me decide that I wanted to incorporate brass in the room, a color I have never warmed up to until recently. Look at those nightstands though. And those lamps. Have mercy.
And then there's the colors. I've been trying to keep navy blue in the room but why am I cracking myself over the head? I'm not even that big a fan of that color! So it's gonna go. Right now I really want green velvet curtains. Kind of the color of the wall color in that room above. I think I'll get Thomas's book for inspiration before I decide to do anything crazy. 

Friday, January 21, 2011


No, not the fun pillows that are cutesy and aren't meant for sleeping. I mean pillows for sleeping. They're expensive! Especially if you want good quality ones. Matt and I need new pillows, the ones we have are about 1/4" thick by now, we've flattened them out. I was doing some online browsing at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and they were from $40-$150 PER PILLOW!
But can you really put a price on comfort and sleeping?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oh pretty

Is there any chance that when I get my cupboard it will look this nice with pretty white things in it? All perfectly stylized.
The latest issue of Lonny is pretty. It's really making me want to do more with the bedding in our room like the striped sheets I've been wanting forever.

Monday, January 17, 2011

cute project

Design*Sponge had this cute little project where they made these little logs:
Out of corrugated paper that was rolled up and then painted white.
How fun! And much less messier than real logs.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

it's back

Liz and Jamar moved into a new place and got a bigger bed so they brought back the full sized mattress and bedding we'd given them, so back into the drum room it went.
To make room I had to move the white table over to the other side of the room on top of the record player table until Esther moves and takes that table with her.
The drum room probably has the best view of any of the bedrooms. The master bedroom and office just look out into the back yard and the back of one of the neighbor's house but this is a fun view of the other buildings in the complex. Something about a view involving roofs.
I have Monday and Tuesday off and hopefully my chronic laziness will not overtake all the work I feel I have to do to recover the house from the holidays. Restoring the drum room back to order was on the list so I guess that's something.

Friday, January 14, 2011

early bday gift!

I came home to a Forever 21 box. Inside of it were these beauties:

Angie kept wanting to touch them, which only proves she's a normal, straight female who likes shoes.

Thanks for my birthday present Ambre! You are the best!

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weekly obligatory cute picture of my niece

Lyla and Liz spent a few nights with us while their new apartment was being re-tiled. It was a full house for a few days. A LOUD and full house 'cause this one was fussy, teething, and recovering from vaccines.
 She's lucky she's cute. BTW, she's wearing Air Jordan's. Hot stuff.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


new plans for office

I have been wanting an extra TV in the office for awhile. I figure I could get a small HD TV and put it in the cabinet that faces the couch. I figured it would be great to have for guests and I could use it to watch movies upstairs while Matt plays a video game downstairs. The desire for an extra TV has come about because well having to share a TV with my sister leads us to watching episodes of Nip/Tuck and Kat Williams stand up. I want the office to feel like a little living room in addition to being the place where I work and where people sleep when they come visit; and adding a TV in there would help that.
I was debating if I should get one of those TV/DVD combos and thought well, we could just move the Wii upstairs because it would have Netflix instant viewing available since the Wii is wireless internet ready AND it also works as a DVD and CD player! Then I could use the Wii Fit in the office in private! Matt thinks I should move the treadmill into the office too and have it be a little workout room (Ab gave us his treadmill, haven't used it yet because the drum room's been crowded with stuff) and I do like the idea. I'll need a tall plant in there now, obviously. And some bamboo.
Of course since I'm basically nuts, my OCD needs became well the TV should be white. Because well, the Wii is white and so is the cabinet. I know it's going to be hidden like 99% of the time but I still would like it to be white.
The weird thing about the TV idea is that Matt is completely not into it. Whoever heard of a man not wanting to buy another TV for his house? But since I'm managing I feel that I deserve it and I could call it a tax write off since it's for my home office. I actually spent all of today in the office working from home since my nieces are both here and downstairs making a racket. The cats on the other hand have been sleeping on the couch all day while I work at my desk. I really like my office, it's a very multi-functioning room and it's pretty.

What do you guys think of my plan?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

adventures in managing

Well I'm doing my second production manager job. It was funny I got called to coordinate and then the producer kept calling me a production manager so I was like well I guess I'm the manager. The past few jobs I've done have been basically a producer and myself splitting manager duties so I've been getting my feet wet with the managing and money thing. I am also getting inquiries into my production manager availability. I don't want people to get the wrong idea and think I'm a full blown manager yet. It's so weird, unlike the last time I am in no hurry to get a promotion, managing is a lot of responsibility.
On this job I got to do two things I've never done before that is reserved for managers. The first was making sure this form called an overage was completed and sent to the executives at the office. The other was this giant document called a "working budget". It's pretty cool to me because it's the most organized sort of spreadsheet you can ever imagine and tells you how much money there is for each line item that can present itself on a job (camera gear, lights, etc) and how much money we are alloting for each item. The working budget is done usually around the first shoot day and gives the powers that be a more accurate account of where we've spent money and where we anticipate spending money so you can see a bottom line of the total we expect to make or lose. It's interesting and fun for an OCD nerd like me. 

Anyway, the job's been very busy and so here I am just writing to keep my sanity. I'm going to bed now. I gotta be up early to catch the people in Mississippi.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

looking forward to spring

After a few days of morbidity after watching that scary documentary, I needed something to cheer me up a little. And a place to buy toilet paper. Luckily Target had busted out some spring-ish things that are surprise, totally me. Black, white, yellow.
I can't justify buying the cats new cat bowls can I?
I am a big sucker for these mellamine plates they make because I buy different patterns and then hang them on the plate wall and rotate them out as I feel like it.
I really like these. I've doubled the amount of utensils I have around the stove so I need two of these.
OCD storage containers. SI!
Patterned kitchen towels. Don't mind if I do.
I wanted a yellow coverlet that was way more expensive from Urban Outfitters.
And this I might want for my birthday. It's a half pint ice cream maker. I figure I'd just be making ice cream enough for Matt and Me what with Matt not doing the old milk thing, we can make our own with fruit concoctions. Either this or I'll find a cheap ice cream maker at Savers. Though this one is small and cute.
There. Something happy. Now back to my insanely busy work day.