Wednesday, February 29, 2012

angie turned 2

Angie turned 2 on February 7. A total last minute gathering at Chuck E. Cheese yielded the whole family except 1, quite a feat actually. I was tired of seeing my feet as a post so I'm gonna push it down with adorable photos of my nieces.
She's a toddler now. Yikes.

bless me father for i have sinned

Mom and I went to Marshalls for a gift bag and what the hey we stopped by the shoe section. I had wanted a pair of glossy nude heels for awhile but these had an extra bonus. 
They had a glossy black wedge heel.
A very high glossy black wedge heel. See how my phone compares to the height?
The worst part of it? Ugh I'm so ashamed. 

Jessica Simpson brand heels.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

neon yellow!

Obviously I love yellow in any forms but find it hard to WEAR yellow. I kept seeing people give props to these shoes on the internets and you know I'm all about Old Navy so I bought them. 
They are so happy and even Matt said they were cute. 
I like to have a large purse for work and a small purse for day to day activities. I wanted a green messenger bag so I got one at H&M and then found this mini one at Old Navy as well and what can I say I freaking LOVE that stupid little thing. I'm almost tempted to buy another one just so I have one as back up forever and ever (is that crazy?). 
It's really really mini though, that spotted thing is my phone for reference, see how mini? It's perfect for my not working days though since I just carry lip gloss, credit card sleeve, lotion, and the phone.
I also own a neon yellow belt I bought with my boss at American Apparel during that infamous Old Navy shoot. I mostly just wear it on set to add some brightness to my usually grey ensembles. 

Do you guys wear yellow? Would you wear neon yellow?

Monday, February 27, 2012

exciting stuff

Martha Stewart has a line of office supplies with Staples. I bought these 'cause I was on a time crunch but I plan on going back and giving her more of my money.
I did find a coupon though: click here. Get $5 off when you spend $20. And darn skippy I'm gonna spend $20, have you seen the stuff? It's so cute!

top 5 skills/classes/lessons

I did this one as a test to see if it looked good, sent it to Ali, then got busy/lazy but anyway, this will be fun! I think I'll do 5 lists, maybe 10. Here are skills/classes/lessons I'd like to learn:

Friday, February 24, 2012

dis our room

Poor ole master bedroom. It gets no mention or love at all due to my shame. Oh the horror of the all matching bedroom set! The fact that I was going to start something and never did! I was going to redo the whole thing last year and made a mock up for it and everything but since we're moving I wanted to see what sort of space we would be working with in the next house before I committed to anything. Anyway, shame or not, here's our room and bathroom.
That last picture, minus the ugly standing fan makes the room look almost pretty. Almost.

Hope you all have a lovely lovely weekend and spend a good amount of it in your beds.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

while watching kung fu panda 2

"What's with the metal claws?" -Matt

"I dunno, maybe he like, lost them, like Darth Vader. Maybe he's like Peacock Darth Vader. Like he's Chinese Peacock Darth Vader." -Me

"Cock Vader" -Matt

angie's first trip to disneyland

First of all, Angie learned to say "Eby" so the entire drive there she just kept saying Eby Eby, I'd turn around and she's say some gibberish or point. She did that a lot that day.

Liz, Lyla, Matt, and I have Disneyland Annual Passes. Both girls are under 3 so they're free and so one not particularly exciting Tuesday, we took Angie to Disneyland for the first time as our "babysitting" while her mom was at work and unpacking their new place. She pointed to the train "choo choo"!
Lot of pointing. LOTS. She would keep patting us until we looked at her while she pointed like "Oh my gosh are you seeing this?!".
As we headed to Frontierland we spotted Cinderella and since Angie knew the word for "princess" we figured she'd love it you know, meeting a princess. BTW, castles are pretty awesome right?
Nope, wouldn't have it. This is as close as she got. She pulled away all freaked out. I dunno if it was the giant mouse in a dress that scared her but she would not say hi to Cinderella.
Lyla got over it and posed with her.
Matt and I snuck in a burrito and Liz headed to Tom Sawyer Island to let the girls run around. We met up with them there, bilion dollar amusement park and they loved running on dirt and pointing to ducks.
Sniffle. I remember when she was a newborn... they grow up so fast!
The jungle cruise was a big hit. Monkeys and elephants and fishes (aka the piranhas).
I was planning on being a crazy picture taker, even put the camera strap on and everything! But dumb butt me forgot to charge the battery. I took backup pics with the phone instead.
As far as flying rides are concerned I think the Astro Orbitters are more fun than Dumbo. Kids are able to see more out the side and Angie was a BIG fan, which I was relieved about since flying can be horrifying for a child but she was just squealing.

The half hour wait for Finding Nemo was totally worth it. I forgot that's Angie's favorite movie. Fishes! Fishes! Memo! Memo! She was a happy camper.
And while no one in our group wanted to watch the parade I told them, "the girls will love it" and I was right. So much clapping and waving and pointing!
That had us at about 7:30pm so we went on Small World and called it a day. They fell asleep as soon as we returned them to the stroller. We never made it to Fantasyland which I kind of wanted to save for when Angie's mom can join us. The family's trying to plan a trip with everyone and the girls so we'll save Peter Pan and Alice and the teacups for then. 

But since we did it for Lyla, here's a video of Angie on Small World: