Wednesday, August 31, 2011

who is the nerd...

That has a six pack of her favorite cleaning product shipped to her house...
 Evelyn Shaft.
Can you dig?
Shipping was free and I put one in every bathroom and two in the kitchen.

Ooh a ooh a ooh a.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lyla dancing to a good band

Old video:

Which reminds me... did you know they have a new album coming out? Drops TODAY!

If only I was rich and had some concert tickets to go with it.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


After work I gave Liz (who has finished her PA training and is working for her sister aka ME) a ride to my mom's and four out of five of us were there plus Angie.

Love of my family keeps me sane in times of work insanity.

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

85ºC Bakery - Hacienda Heights

Because I am a giant nerd I went to the 85C grand opening by myself and waited for WAY too long to get to the front. Let's just say I had to push back my optometrist appointment. 
It's very efficiently run. I think it's gonna be the place to go when we have a hankering for bread or need a cool pastry or birthday cake.
I got a lot of bread.
I didn't dare order from this area. Too much good stuff.
I got a sea salt iced coffee and a milky green tea.
Both were fantastic and I got a free coupon for two more when I get back as well as a souvenir reusable bag. That bag is now priceless since I waited so long to get it.

So... who wants to come with me when I go back again. I'll try to go on a weekday though.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what did i do to deserve this?

The past few days at work on our insane job I've noticed something very disturbing.

Something depressing.

Something awful.

Something heart-breaking.

I think... my body is no longer happy with my consuming cheese.

We know about my love of cheese right? Yeah. Of course we do. Well every time I have it I feel like a stuffed piñata about to burst. It's unpleasant. It hurts. For giggles I went a few days without cheese and have felt fine.

I know for sure it's not dairy because I have milk and yogurt and feel fine.

But cheese? Oh my gosh, cheese?

Happy early birthday present EvY.

Love, your aging decrepit almost 30 body.


For the past two weeks I'd been feeling like my left eye had something in it that I couldn't get out. I kept dropping eye drops in it and finally made an optometrist appointment and sure enough my eyes are irritated. No contact lenses for a week and I have to use special eye drops six times a day. I thought it might be that my vision was going or something but I'm glad it's just an irritation and that I'm not crazy and imagining things. I'm definitely prone to freaking out about medical stuff buy my optometrist confirmed there was something wrong. Anyway while I was there, what else can a girl do but try on glasses? I've had my two pairs for about four years and I think it's time for new ones.
I like this one best. Doesn't have those ray ban silver things on the side.
Well I can't order any because my eye is so irritated that it's not giving off a proper reading. Maybe laser eye surgery would be good for me.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i missed her birthday

The 19th ammendment had a 91st birthday on August 18 and I missed it.
Happy birthday old gal. I'm happy you exist.

stranded at the drive-in

Branded: a fool. What will they say, Monday at school? SANDY! OH SANDY! Does anyone else think of Grease when they think of drive-ins? 'Cause I sure do. 

Matt and I went to the Vineland drive-in so I could check it off my summer to do list. Did you guys go to drive-ins growing up? Matt only recalls one time in his life but my dad would take my brother and I on weekends and we loved it. I went to the concession stand area to find a bathroom and it was just like I remembered. 
Before the movie started we had dinner on the cab of the truck. I brought the lawn chair pads and they worked nicely to cushion our tuchuses while we ate.
The show starts at dusk and there was a surprising amount of people there. A lot of them sat outside of their cars and while we did have the pickup, Matt wanted to stay inside where we could hear the movie better. It's $8.50 per person and you get to see two movies from the "comfort" of your car.
Comfort, hmm, not so much. It was a great experience though, nostalgic. I might try to talk Matt into it again another time.

Monday, August 22, 2011

my husband buys me shiny things for our anniversary

Early anniversary present! 
Since my sister moved out we decided to upgrade our cookware and cleanse it of all pots that had been defiled with meat cooking. Matt was the final word on what kind of pots to get. He didn't want any type of pan that would chip and get into our food. In my dream world I'd get Al-Clad but since I'm not a millionaire, we went for the best reviewed and most popular as purchased on Amazon. Cuisinart.
I need to wash them and put them away but I'm so enjoying seeing them sitting there on the counter. They will never look so shiny ever again.
They're like a mirror.

nine pictures of my new purple chair cover

I went for the opposite one you all voted for. I stand by my decision.

Friday, August 19, 2011

a skill for the 3rd decade of my life

I would like to learn to play the banjo. 

Then Steve Martin and I can get together for jam sessions.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

the action figure collection is getting out of control

I don't expect it to stop and I actually find most of them endearing but I do want to find a way to display them without having them look cheap.
I think the key will be to disperse them among the house on books and such.
The things I do for the love of my nerd.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my poor kids

Gadget has been scratching himself a lot the past few months so finally we took him and LJ to the vet. Both were way behind on vaccines but Gadget has a skin allergy and had to get two shots and will be on medication for the next few weeks. He also has to go back to the vet next week and my beloved hubby's gonna have to take him since I work all day.

On top of that both have fleas as well as the dogs and I can't take them to the groomers 'til they finish their vaccine round.

When we let them out of their kennel when we got home, poor Gadget had peed himself and I had to wet a towel and try to rinse him off which he fought me for a bit before giving in. This is why I pay people to bathe my pets. At least I escaped scratch free... this time.

I feel so bad for them. Oh well, that's life with pets.

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.


I go for quantity not quality.
I lose or break them so frequently, it's just not worth it.

6 months

Today marks exactly 6 months away from my being thirty. I am so overthinking it. I even published this at 10:14am PST the time when I was born. I have 6 months to be content with where I have arrived in life at the age of 30. 6 months to decide if things are going to have to change and how I'd like them to change in the next decade.

But more importantly, 6 months to plan my big 30th birthday.

You guys are coming right? February 18, 2012.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


"Peter Venkman that's from Ghostbusters! You used Ghostbusters for evil!" -Liz Lemon (Sandwich Day episode)

I was watching Mad Men and realized I wanted to laugh so I switched to 30 Rock.


As the job I'm on pushes further into September meaning I'm getting more days of work, I start thinking about homey things I'd buy with my day rate. So here's my number one thing I want. The last item of furniture I will purchase while I'm living in this home.
I sent this image to Matt and the following conversation ensued. In this conversation he's the dude and I'm Nacho Libre:
I don't want to use it as a media console, I want to use it as a coffee table and was wondering if I was crazy. Crazier than the idiots that made aesthetic decisions and put xbox games next to a Wii. They thought nobody would notice, HA! Anyhoo...  CB2 has a beautiful yellow sofa and they paired it with the ridiculous console as coffee table and my my don't they look beautiful together?
Go ahead and say it. EvY, you are not crazy.

Thanks L.J.

my other tattoo

After the post about tattoos I found a site that sells nifty designer-y ones and I ordered a few. This one and this one
I tried the bottle opener on my wrist first. It's cute. 
Man, I really spend my money on stupid stuff don't I? I better donate some money to a non-profit before I feel guilty again.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I changed one thing in this room. Can you guess what it is?
The black and white Dwell one had seen better days and I felt a splash of color was needed in this room.
Somehow the room made me think of green and there were already a few things that were green in there and not on purpose.
I wonder if Matt even noticed I changed the towel.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Have you guys ever been to the grand opening of anything?

Today I am waiting for the doors to open on 85C bakery in Hacienda Heights. I came solo and am feeling it, I haven't seen any Mexicans or white peeps. I could have waited but I wanted to be a part of the chaos. It's fun!

Good thing I brought my advanced copy of Susan Orlean's latest book.

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.