Monday, December 28, 2009

next year...

Next year's plans for #18.

This is what I'm going for in the dining area. Sideboard, two lamps, starish mirror, bar tray (because its pretty not cause not because either of us are big boozers):

This is one of those leads to the other sort of moves. I'm gonna take the lamps from the living room (which means, yes, probably gonna buy two nicer lamps for the living room):

And the starburst mirror from the fireplace:
Place the sideboard here, which means I'd move this expedit guy:

Where this guy is and put the record player and stuff in the expedit and move this guy up to the drum room again.

Which elminates the need for this guy who has been generously housing my linens since I'd be putting the linens in the expedit or the buffet. Not sure where I'd move him.

And since Matt's not been too crazy about the round mirror over the mantle, I want to replace it with just a big piece of abstract artwork and minimal accessories.

A DIY headboard for the guestroom. We've had plenty of visitors and no one complains but I really want to build a headboard for the room. I feel it would complete it.

That's the plans. We'll see what happens...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

merry mixmas

It was a cookin' Christmas for this girl here. Matt got me "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", Aunt J got me "Martha Stewart's Cooking School", and the greatest in laws in the world got me a Kitchen Aid Professional HD stand mixer. Sexy isn't it? It has been at the top of my wishlist for the past two years.

And because they're extra awesome, they also got me potato scrubbing gloves.
It's really a gift for everyone since they'll enjoy what I make them.

seasons greetings

Thursday, December 24, 2009

the b&w christmas party (part III)

What did we eat at this thing?

I was going to have a chalkboard and write in the menu on it but I ran out of time so I just typed it up to "look" like chalkboard, printed, and framed it. Did the trick.

Learned from my mistakes in years past, I would not be stuck in the kitchen while everyone mingled and enjoyed themselves. So we went for buffet style on the island.

I loved seeing the bounty.
That mac n' cheese recipe was ridiculously cheesy and DELICIOUS. The barefoot's recipe of course.
I will be forced to have a salad at my party that has pomegranate seeds in it. They're just so dang beautiful.
This was all that was left of the eggnog.
And the champagne was gone quick too.
Tangerines were good looking and an alternate desert if there was a healthy eater amongst us, we only had one taker.
But who can resist this situation here.
And finally, the smores.

Cause we have a fire pit and we're not afraid to use it.

the b&w christmas party (part II)

I set the table a week before the party because well, that's who I am. I assign seats based on convenience (Milena is left handed, Michelle has to be seated so she can watch the kids, etc). It's old fashioned but I get a kick out of being forced to think of each guest's comfort level and knowing their personalities.

I used nine out of the ten chairs I own to seat everyone.
As much as I bought specifically for the party, everything was purchased with the ability to be reused even if it was NOT christmas season. Black napkins with white napkin rings go year round in this house, plain white tablecloth. Everything but the chargers. World's most useless item that I now own 12 of. But they're so so so pretty and they saved my white tablecloth.
Each guest was given a little gift with their name on it (I give out little favors every year), indicating seat assignment.

The gift was this 1.00 DVD from Target that Lynners and Aaron are modeling.
I had my copy of the DVD playing throughout the party.

Since I couldn't very well light the candles in the fireplace with this critter running around:
I am not ashamed to admit, I find this critter ridiculously adorable and entertaining.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

am i shallow?

I have thoughts. I have ideas. Most of my thoughts and ideas, as of late, are simple and relating to this project known as our home. I find the mere prospect of updating people on my life as some sort of forceful chewing down of brussels sprouts. I keep my words on the world of the interwebs shallow and benign. It's how I deal with the freeflow of a personal life in an impersonal way.

para los critters

I have just purchased something kind of expensive for my cats:

It's a litter box. Cat enters from the top and the litter doesn't go flying out of the sides.

Most importantly, it's not ugly.

It was on sale, it's being shipped and we'll see how it works for our critters.

the b&w christmas party (part I)

When throwing a party in our home, I feel like there should be various "stations" where people can mingle and eat

Station 1: where people begin and lightly catch up.
The table in the living room was transformed into the cocktails and appetizer station with a pitcher of pomegranate cosmos and grilled artichokes with dipping sauce. Nothing stirs up a conversation like booze and having to work for your food.

Station 2: where people sit and chat and absentmindedly snack.
The living room ottoman with snacks and candy canes. Note the little cocktail napkins on the tray because grabbing snap peas leaves greasy fingers.
Station 3: where guests nibble on chocolates, take the scene in, and sign the guest book, that I completely forgot to mention to them so no one signed it.
Grandmas candy dish must always be full of candies. This is a more solitary station, when you want to escape from a guest or want to just look without speaking.
Station 4: for couples or intimate chats.
It's off in the corner behind the couch and out of earshot where you can be more open and honest than elsewhere in the house and if you're self conscious about your breath, you can grab a little mint while chatting up a loved one.
 Once again I completely forgot to take pictures of the house before everyone got there and started feasting on the goodies so these pictures are not as staged or beautifully lit as I would have liked. Parts to come will mention the buffet, the dining table, and our activities.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

two things: from

1) These lamps are PERFECT for the entry table in the living room. They're from JC Penny. Yes way. I will be going there to see if it's true, they're not online.

2) This is the most beautifully styled manly bookcase I've seen ever. The bookcase looks so much like the Ikea lack bookcase that I want to believe it is it and then purchase two to replace the ones we have in our bedroom now. Then style them closely to this. Minus the TV and the hideous triple faced Jonathan Adler bust/sculpture monstrosity.
In my dreams because Matt would NEVER EVER EVER let me replace something that's fine as it is. We already have two right now, why would you need more? That's crazy.

P.S. Horizontal stripes behind the bookcase? Exclamation point!

Monday, December 21, 2009

what i want for christmas (the upgrade/frivolous stuff)

Ah what the heck, a girl can dream.

I'd love to get fancy lamps for the living room sofa table.

Gourd shaped lamps would be my favorite option.

I can't stop thinking about this dresser. Maybe for the dining area in the living room, definitely with different knobs since Matt has stated he is not a fan.
Next year is the year for the sideboard. I've been eyeballing this guy for a long time...

But who knows, this guy might convince me. He's taller, a little cheaper, might have more space than the one above.
Technically it's a bench and I thought it would look neat up against the window of the kitchen, add a little cushion on top to sit on, and I'd store the dog food in drawers.
Maybe too much white, maybe a black one?
A screen door for the fireplace, pretty.
And it would be just awesome to buy white linen sheets for the master bedroom, we spend so much time in our beds, might as well have some nice sheets.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

what i want for christmas

I think its gotten to where I feel like I truly don't care what I get for Christmas. It's partly because I've been blessed with a good job that allows me to buy myself whatever I want throughout the year so come Christmas, I'm almost out of things I want. Almost...

So here is my wish list because its always been fun for me to hear what everyone else wants, it's like an insight into their soul and their priorities.

Ally McBeal Season 1. I have been waiting and waiting for this to be on DVD....

No surprise here...

I've heard so much about this Dorothy Draper lady and I want to see what she's all about. Plus the cover is just fun.
Modcloth five year memory book. So popular it's on back order, I actually have credit on modcloth so once it's in stock, it's mine.
A nice dress for Alex's wedding. Not necessarily this one, but I will be scouring the malls for the right one. One that fits good and will keep me somewhat warm, since it's a January wedding.
A bodum loose leaf teapot. Mine is ugly and old.

This mistake could have been avoided. I want a bigger food processor. The one I have is great and all but I want one that's big enough to hold more than just a garlic clove.
I have been wanting one of these suckers forever. I just feel it would make my life so much simpler. At least my baking life, which oddly enough I do plenty of.
And finally, the big fancy expensive in your dreams we'll have to talk it over and both be ready to invest in it gift for us. A wireless surround sound system.