Sunday, February 28, 2010

lately in my office

The daisy is still alive. I brought him a friend named ranunculus, they're a cute couple:
 I grinned and bore it and bought the $10 acrylic box from Target:
  It holds the pens and pencils because heaven forbid I be normal and have a pencil cup to hold my writing utensils like everyone else on the planet:
The notebook from Old Navy hides them when on the desk:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

greatest thing ever or kampest thing ever?

champagne bucket top hat.

the ridiculous weekend: part 4

Sunday morning Matt and I woke up with lots of energy and spent it on various projects around the house, the majority of them outside. I went to Home Depot for supplies in the AM and the work began after breakfast.
We chopped down this HIDEOUS plant we'd hated since we moved in, and then trimmed hedges and stuff. I can't show pictures of it yet cause it's just a pile of of shrubs and we're working on the area with new benches, plants, and something I said I didn't need.
I did spend about 15 minutes making something that was so easy I wish I'd done it sooner. Avert your eyes if you are anti-green/hippie:
Yeah, we compost now. Should have done it long ago:
I got a new bird feeder and bird seeds so I can keep the cats entertained:
And purchased a flower pot for the flowers my sister got me:
Man I really want to repaint that door now:
Then I moved to the inside and believe it or not actually began a project:
The painter's tape caused some stickiness and I have to retouch the edges but it's almost done:
Chalkboard paint requires you to wait three days before you write on it. FYI.

And that was our weekend. Which now brings us to this one. Eeep.

coming this spring at #18 la mirada

Liberty of London for Target. Spring collection. The blog world is in a tizzy about this and I am no exception. I mean, dude, we're talking about tea sets and cute gardening crap. I want the teapot, and four different patterns of the tea cups and yes, the little stand.
I want a gardening set since I'm gonna get into gardening so I will wait to buy anything else so I can get the cute gardening set.
"Florals? For spring? Ground breaking" - Miranda Priestley (i love that movie)
If I'm not mistaken, there is a black and white and yellow part of this collection.
It will live on top of this dresser during the spring:
And I will throw a tea party.

Friday, February 26, 2010

our bedroom at night

Our bedroom when it's dark out, its very bright:
When Matt saw the pillow he said, that's nice. He actually liked a pillow. It's hard to get a guy to like a pillow. Well, what's not to like (and for the record, it's navy blue):
I really like my side, it's girly and cute and clean:
The diptyque candle costs $50, I got it for free cause I had a gift certificate. Partly I want it 'cause it smells amazing, partly because the candles are iconic in the design world.
I moved the Shag print here:
These guys need something behind them to make them pop:
Goodnight dear friends.

the ridiculous weekend: part 3

As I am writing this blog I was wondering what else we did on Saturday...

Oh YES. After the stove installation we went to Matt's grandparents to visit, then Matt's parents went to a party, then we met up again at Costco to purchase kitty litter, toilet paper and JUST LOOK at TVs.

Because guess what, the TV we had, was also my mom's and she wanted it back as well.

So after JUST LOOKING at TVs. We ended up with this behemoth and the image I entitle "The day my husband became a man":
It is 55 glorious inches. It weighs 100 pounds. It takes up most of the wall. It has five HDMI inputs. I know some women don't care about the size of their TV but I was a film major. I studied movies. I work in commercials. I watch movies three to four times a week. And I am a very excited owner of a giant TV:
Which takes us to the end of the day Saturday, obviously spent watching blu-ray movies on our most prized possession after our Apple laptops.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

little joy: week 2

photos all sent from my family, not taken by me. my pics are too many.

flexing cause she's bad ass:
pondering life's mysteries:
dreaming of disneyland:
flipping us off:
testing out her singing voice:
and perfecting her "oh no you didn't" look:
Still cute. Actually getting cuter.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the ridiculous weekend: part 2

After the doc and world market, Matt and I were upstairs chatting when the doorbell rang and our in-laws/landlords were there. We chatted a little and then Matt put some shoes on so he could help his pop bring in this GIANT box:
Which housed a new stove:
It is not "ours" per se. It's ours for now. The stove we had before was my mom's and she's moving and needed her stove back. So our landlords provided us one. Yay them!
Thar she is. The burners cook evenly! It is fancy! Shiny! New!
We went to Home Depot to get stuff to install the stove into the gas pipe and also picked up a new toilet seat (ours broke):
And a new showerhead so my 6 foot tall husband can shower without having to bend down like three feet:
It is now approximately 12pm on Saturday.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the captain is back

Captain EO in 3D is back at Disneyland:
Discuss how this affects your life.

the ridiculous weekend: part 1

The first thing I did Saturday morning was go to my chiropractor and get treatment. My hip had been out of whack and my neck and shoulders, due to sitting in front of a computer and a high stress job needed care.

Here I feel I must explain the chiro. Four years ago I pulled my hip out of alignment. Ever since then I go regularly to a chiro in uptown whittier that I love. He believes in treatment with diet, exercise, and treatment. No drugs, no surgery unless necessary. That's me too. We have a rapport, the doc and me. I make him laugh, he makes me better. I don't lie to him. If he asks if I've done my stretches, I tell the truth. I even know who answers the phone when I call and make some cracks when he sends out emails to the patients in the newsletters. It's a relief to have a good relationship with a doctor.

The other incredible thing about the chiro is that before I am twisted like a stretch armstrong doll and always without fail crack up when he cracks my neck, I get a massage. It's not a fuddy duddy massage, it's a serious massage that feels medical almost. Can't describe it really, it's not for the feel goods, it's to make you better. In fact, sometimes I'm sore for the day after a massage but feel a lot better on the whole. The masseuse helps loosen tight muscles and all that. This visit, she pinpointed some headaches I've been having. Plus it's covered by my insurance after our deductible is met and we pay $20 a visit I think. Anyway, if you need a chiro and live near Whittier, I'll send you to Jason and his staff.

I got my massage, got aligned, went to World Market. Saw a BEAUTIFUL sleeper couch that if you are in the lookout for a sleeper couch and got $500 smacks, you should buy it. 
Also saw a beautiful side table that I wish I could buy for our bedroom x 2.
Cupcakes are hot right now and World Market has a LOT of cupcakes making supplies.
Also spied beautiful wine glasses and rosey Sofia wine for my bar eventually.
Walked out with some loose leaf tea, a white ceramic compost bucket:
And a ceramic portable mug that has yellow stripes and looks kind of like these mugs:
That takes us to approximately 10am on Saturday...

Monday, February 22, 2010

our ridiculous weekend

We're pooped. Refreshed. Happy. I cannot believe how much we did and spent this weekend. i think i may have a week's worth of posts based on this one weekend.

Stay tuned.

there it is!

I have been wanting to find a way to break out all the black in the living room and I kept thinking the black ottomans should be covered in white or striped.
THIS is what I'm trying to accomplish, it was in my head and I kept wanting something simple but couldn't translate it and there it is in the home of Michael Kors: